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Yashomati Hospital Complaints & Reviews - Doctor is not good


Yashomati Hospital,Bangalore,Karnataka,India

Location: Bangalore,Karnataka,India
 Smitha on 08-12-11
Doctor is not good
Hi Sir,

I went to Yashomati hospital to general physician for cough and gold and the fee for the hospital is too much .

If you are going first time then registration charge is 350 and after that doctor consultation is around 350.

I went to hospital for cough and cold they have taken so much money but the medicine they recommended was not effective and my cough and cold was still there after one week.

So, my suggestion is that it is better to consult some outsider doctor than Yasomati hospital doctor you will simply wastage money by going there.

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6 Years ago by Buck (Neutral)
Articles like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very impotrnat.
6 Years ago by Priyanka Das (Neutral)
Yes I agree.
6 Years ago by Venkatesh (Disagree)
Hello Smitha

I'm surprised you came to Yashomati Hospitals to meet a Physician for 'GOLD'!!! Please check your spellings.
Secondly, the information you've presented is incorrect. Yashomati Hospitals does not charge a registration fee of Rs. 350 and I don't think any hospital in Bangalore does. The registration fee is Rs. 100 (it was Rs. 50/- earlier) and the consultation fee could range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 350. You might have got confused about this. Please meet the PRO Mr. Swaroop or the Operations Manager Mr. Sanjay Panda for any further query. Kindly do not present such incorrect information on the internet as it will misguide others. Request you to please clarify with the authorities before you take such action.
6 Years ago by Surya (Agree)
Hi Venkatesh,

Hope your not from hospital end. Spelling mistake should not be a problem we are not attending exam, we are expressing facts in this forum.

Smitha may be wrong in mention about the fee but when it comes to service i felt its not good. I recently took my wife for back pain to General physician (Dr. Subrata Das) he has suggested almost all the test in hospital hes not even ready to tell what the problem, he says first do the test and then i will decide, latest as a doctor he should know what's the problem or can think problem can be of xyz.

I am not at all satisfied, but i wont say all doctors here are bad too as i visited couple of times with Dr.Srinivas ENT he's good doctor and take care of the patient he even share his mobile number & he answer politely when we call to his mobile. Its great to have such a doctors also.

It's good if the doctor think of the patients than thinking of hospital income by doing unwanted tests. If management concentrate this things it will become a successful hospital or short term can earn money & close the shutter.
6 Years ago by Prabhat Shankar (Agree)
Yes I agree with that I have also faced same problem.
6 Years ago by sunil (Disagree)
I do not agree with you. Dr. Subrata has been always very patient in explaining details even the minutest. He even cancelled his consultation as I required to see a general surgeon once more than a physician and asked to transfer the consultation accordingly. He is always polite on the phone and very approachable.Please do not misguide others by such comments.
6 Years ago by Patient (Disagree)
What patience are you talking about ? He is not even ready to hear what treatment and medication are prescribed other renowned specialist doctors. Forget about patience, he is such a crook that he gets into argument and then goes further to challenge the knowledge of all the renowned doctors, Not only the renowned doctors from Bangalore, he even tried to prove that he new more than one of his own colleague (Dr. Arti Agrawal, Physiotherapist).
I am sorry to say that he is too much egoistic.

I think you must respect the patience that we are showing and at the same time bearing all this nonsense at the cost of our hard earned money.

I have knowledge and experience of consulting various doctors. What I find in him is that he prescribes too many tests and too many medicines.

This above is based on my personal experience while undergoing treatment from him.
6 Years ago by MyExperience (Disagree)
Dr., Subrata is horrible
I went to him with a patient having problem "A"
He immediately asked the patient to undergo possibly all the tests that are done in Yashomati hospital lab.
Apart from this he asked the patient to get admitted into ICU where per day charge is Rs 25000.00.

I did not object to the lab tests but wanted to know why they wanted the patient to be in ICU and also asked them
what is that specific condition or observation or test or procedure that the patient needs and cannot be done in semi private accomodation for which the patient needs to be kept in ICU.
They were unable to provide convincing answer.
I then override the Dr. Subrata's decision to put the patient in ICU, after having a detailed discussing with one of my doctor frient and evaluating the patients condition
based on similar condition and situation.

The patient was treated with only a couple of medicines by another doctor (from Jayanagar) in similar situations. But he went to treat her with posiible all medicines known to him.

I was left speechless when he said that Bone dislocation can be treated in 5 secs. Not only this he trashed all prescriptions from renowned specialist doctors of Bangalore for problems "B" and "C" and also asked me to ask those renowned doctor's for not prescribing certaing medicines. I can understand his strong belief about his capability, but that does not mean that you should show disrespect to other senior doctors. He could have asked me about the test reports based on which those doctors have prescribed the medications. He used a very derogatory language while I tried to explain the condition and reason for those doctor to prescribe the medicines.
All these proves following :-
1. he is very jealous about other doctors being respected by patients.
2. Very egoistic and cannot accept anything that is against his understanding/views/opinions.
3. Arrogant and impatient : Not ready to hear details about other treatments that patient underwent as well as he airs his opinion very strongly with arrogance.
4. Poor knowledge about the subject : He tried to prove that he knew more than renowned Endrocrinologist, Reaumotologist, Physiotherapist, etc. This proves that he has no idea why we need a speacialist.
5. Unethical : He prescribed all lab tests, medicines and ICU and I can surely tell you that many good doctors will disagree with him on this.
He asked the patient to be in ICU when it was not required. This proves that he was trying to squeeze out as much as he can from patient's pocket.
6 Years ago by Sachin Jain (Agree)
I would say this hospital is not in profession of medicine but they are doing business. I have experienced this after spending Rs.1.5 Lac for my Kidney stone procedures, but the pity it that even after paying so much amount I still had the problem. Later, I consulted to another excellent doctor in Bangalore who treated me and cured my within the budget of Rs.20K.

I would strongly recommend each person from this forum to NOT GO to this hospital at Marathahalli, Bangalore.
6 Years ago by Suganya (Agree)

This is the worst hospital for babies. I have admitted my baby in the hospital but there is no peditric doctor, till 10 AM and they feeded wrong medicine. Think twice you go to this hospital
6 Years ago by xyz (Neutral)
hi all,

few things i want to know from all other than money.
how they do operation?. i mean neat and clean and are they trustworthy?
are they experienced and professional?

6 Years ago by Nikhil (Agree)
Yes Smitha is 100% correct, my situation was very bad.

I would strongly recommend NOT GO to this hospital at Marathahalli, Bangalore.
6 Years ago by Ranjith (Neutral)
Dr Subrats Das is a good doctor. The guy who is writing against him has some other intention.
I had consulted him 2 days back and now I am feeling much better. He has not prescribed lot of tests and all as one guy here was arguing.
5 Years ago by Tushar (Agree)

I too agree with what ever is being said abt the hospital and its my personal thinking that may help others before going to the hospital.

The Hospitals Paramedical Staff (Nurse) are really good for nothing, Doctors dnt have any judgment of there own, (i.e it can be anything, it can be this and it can be that also ... ). Todays, with internet and all the test done u can easilly find what medicine to prescribe.

5 Years ago by Manish (Agree)
Worst experience till date. Went at 10 pm to causality for a urgent scan. No gynaec and the person handling the ward was illiterate.
Since it was a urgency carried limited cash. None of the cards were working. When asked that you start the scan and I will get it from ATM the inch argue said the scan person will not do. Told that I will convince him and I am not running away he let us go.
When reached for the scan casually a guy came in ans asked foe slip again. Again mentioned the problem that the cards are not working here. Now he said that he need a prescription since he knew that no doctor is available at this time.

I am going to take this matter seriously and approach authorities who give licenses to such businessmen. I hope someone from yasomati is also reading this.

5 Years ago by param (Neutral)
this hospital always looking for money...

Please dont got this hospital...
5 Years ago by Sunit (Agree)
Pretty much agree that Hospital is ONLY concerned about money. Just making fool to the patients and looting their money for no facility/care.

My wife (Namrata) visited the hospital on 26th July 2013 for her's Thyroid problem . Doctor name was Dr Manohar S. She faced severe headache after consuming the prescribed medicine from beginning . We wanted to be in touch with doctor via phone / physically but hospital persons conveyed that he is on leave. Hospital persons asked to come on 5th Aug and then Doctor denied to talk , He asked to submit again consultation because It has been more than a week.

Quite surprising behaviors of the Hospital and policy. I think if Doctor is not approachable for any reason, Hospital should determine a time frame accordingly at least for the patients who have tried to reach the Doctor within a week.
3 Years ago by Vijayvardhan Reddy (Agree)
This hospital mainly money oriented
1 Year ago by Vaishnavi Harsh (Agree)
I'm just coming back from Yashomati with extremely bad experience. My friend is suffering from high fever. We went to the hospital. One lady was there at the reception. There was no one in the hospital except the receptionist and lady doctor. We were informed that the consultation charge is Rs 500/-. We consulted the lady doctor as we had no other option and she injected paracetamol. Then after 15 minutes, she asked us to leave. She gave us the bill of Rs 700/- without any doctor's name or hospital registration no./seal. We asked her name. She started shouting. Then the receptionist came and she said, "Submit the consultation fee and come tomorrow, we'll let you know the registration no.". I didn't agree. We asked the doctor's name. Don't know why, but the doctor was not revealing anything, not even her name. I'm not sure if she has injected the correct medicine. They are sitting there just to make money.
When we started arguing with the doctor and the receptionist, one of them said, " you can leave without paying the fee and come tomorrow, we'll tell u our registration no." Then we said, "atleast we want to know the doctor's name".
The receptionist said, " I don't know why the doctor is not telling her name, her name is Divya and I am Usha".

All fake..

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