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Sponsored links Complaints & Reviews - Items still not received even after a month of placing the order.,India

Location: India
 Amita Pandey on 05-06-12
Items still not received even after a month of placing the order.
i want to file a complaint against, an online retail site where we can place order for items. On 1st may 2012 i placed an order for item named as "Crochet Tie Up Sandals Size: 6" for rs. 800. the order number is R436030385 There was another order that i placed on 4 may 2012, for two items "Cable Twister LS & DS Size: 165x100mm each" and "Coasters set of 4 Size: 200x230mm". the total cost for these two items were rs. 640. Since they were taking 100 rs. as shipping charges if the payment mode is COD, I paid for these two orders using my debit card. It had been a complete month for the 1st order and 3 days to a month for my 2nd order i placed, I still haven't received my items yet. The first time (within the same week i ordered both) i called 'em up regarding my order details, like if my order has been shipped or not, I was told that these items are on a sale for a specific time period and they will dispatch the item only when the sale ends. The second time (another week later) i called, they told me that the pair of sandals are sort of a customized order, so it takes time to complete the order and ship to me (i.e. it will be taking at least 2 weeks time) and about the second order they said it would reach to me in another 2-3 days. Another week passed, I called them up the third week, i was very angry. Each time i called, i was told a different excuse. This time i was told, their warehouse person would reach their office building, so accordingly they would get to know, if the two orders reached the ware house or not. About the sandals i was again confirmed, it would take another week to reach. And now about the 2nd order, it would also be dispatch almost the same time. i even warned them that i would place the complaint at consumer forum and RTI. Still no show. the fourth week i was very much annoyed and disappointed, called them up again. i asked what is this all about, are they really intend to send me my orders or not. i was again told that since the sale has ended my sandals would soon reach me (by friday which is today 1.6.2012) and the other order will be followed next for the delivery. Today i received none of my orders. my account in this site shows "complete status" for the two orders i placed. when i raised this query they told me its a coding issue/ site error, i should ignore it. also, the site about the shipment of orders confirms that the order will be delivered within 4 weeks from the date the sale ends. here is url where they have mentioned about shipment and returns: if you see the site again, they have set up a sale for the sandals that i had placed, AGAIN!!,,, it had already ended earlier. and now they have put the sale for the same sort of sandals again "little miss crochet sandals" this is a complete ditch to the customer. here you say to me that you will send the order as soon as the sale ends, then you don't send the shipment and to add to someone's angst you place the sale for the same sandals again, and that too at a much higher price than before. this is completely untruthful and disloyal. Alll i want to say, if they really wanted to loot someone's money, they could have done it on gunpoint rather than playing with words and actions. That would have been much better suffering. We also work and make hard earned money. please find the site URL below: here is the sale for the sandals showed on their site:,Jun%20,%202012%2008:53:25&utm_term=little-miss-crochet-mayjune Please i want some action against the delay in delivering the product, putting the customer under ignorance and cheat. It's a crap and a total fraud site. Please do not get misguided!!! Another thing to add... I even exchanged two mails with them "". Till date there has been no response sent from their end. this is cheap way to make money. trying to portray larger than life picture to us w/o knowing what exactly it takes to be one. bunch of sick heads have got together to fool around with customers. The three mails ids of their to which i sent mail, one of them returned a mail-daemon failure error. I want an immediate action against this online shopping site. More than a month has passed now.
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 STYLETAG.COM - two items of the order no: R788827682 not delivered EVEN AFTER ONE MONTH - product deleted from the order list after payment and not responding - Not gave back the refund for returned product - Defective products delivered


4 Years ago by Shelly (Agree)
I agree! Styletag has not fulfilled my order till now. I placed an order on the 28th June and I have not been able to even get in touch with them. One order which was delivered - the quality of the dress was horrendous!

The quality is such an issue with this website, one of my friends had ordered a dress under brand name my style and it was a pathetic dress with a low quality fabric. All their merchants
4 Years ago by Nirav (Agree)
I am in the same boat.. they are fraud.. ordered an item more than a month ago.. no response.. noone picks up reply to emails.. they have eaten up my money.. I am going to take another action now....
4 Years ago by shruti (Agree)
Same experience.ordered an item more than a month one picking call...horrible experience...a crap site.
3 Years ago by jyoti verma (Agree)
really i m also in the same boat .....they are fraud ,,,,the quality of the dress was horrendous ......they are cheater....please don buy any dress from this site
3 Years ago by Ritu Sharma (Agree)
Bunch of thieves

I wish I had seen these comments earlier.

I hope no one gets cheated like us.
3 Years ago by Tresa Charles (Agree)
I have a same experience too. The order was delivered but its a fake product. It looks like its been purchased from local market and selling us. I got a watch and the dial color is different and the loop color is different. tell me which brand ever d this.. and now they dont accept return. its a day light cheating ..
2 Years ago by Joshi (Agree)
Hi, I have had a similar problem. The first time I ordered something, they cancelled the order. The reason they gave was - it didn't meet their quality standards. Why was it on display then?

I ordered again, this time their delivery boy just texted saying he has my package. What does that even mean? And after all that he didn't even deliver it!! I'm still waiting for the package.
2 Years ago by Shweta (Agree)
Hi guys,
What have you done about it?
I ordered a hat worth rs 799 - and got something of footpath quality- worth rs 100
I feel completely cheated.
Now they are saying that they have delivered the right product.
Quality does not mean anything to them.
Please guide me what to do?
I have ordered other things too which I am sure are footpath quality.
2 Years ago by Krish (Agree)
I agree.Styletag is completely fraud.Please discourage Anyone you know buying from that site.I bought 2 pairs of loafers(Buy 1 Get 1 Free).I got the 1st pair delivered but the 2nd pair isn't even though its more than a month.They dont even pick the calls eventhough calling them contunuously for 2 days.
2 Years ago by Arijeet Roychoudhury (Neutral)
Saw these complaints after placing an order. I hope I don't face the similar problem :(
2 Years ago by sin (Neutral)
Hi krish did u receive it atleast by now?
2 Years ago by Switu Sasmita (Agree)
Hi. I saw all these after placing order (R255275703 , Paid online Rs 2178/-)

Now its 1 month and 10 days. Since 19th of Nov when I get connected with their horrible customer care service with very difficulty and they say its in the process of dispatching. Even today they are saying in the process of dispatching .

They are even not giving direct mail id or contact no of their higher management. Full team is a very very big cheater.
Even if you mail to their customer care id, no one bothers to reply you back. I think once they receive online payment thats all.Never care about customers. I don't know why the hell customer care team they have.


Any idea whether I will get my order ??
2 Years ago by Koel Sarkar (Agree)
I have faced a similar problem. I had ordered a blazer and its been over a month. No one picks up the phone and no reply from customer care. Did anyone get their money back?
2 Years ago by Ishu Abrol (Agree)
Such a fake site. I placed an order one month back but they haven't sent the order. Consumer court needs to take an action against such a fraud site. They are misguiding the customers and even after contacting their customer center nobody picks up the call. Ba******* are running this site. Bullshit.
2 Years ago by ankita bisht (Agree)
i saw the reviews after placing the order huge disappointment haven't received my order and the customer support officers are neither picking up the call its a fraud site.
2 Years ago by aashi arora (Agree)
hello...can somebody help pls.
i have placed order at styletag because of some issue i have returned the product and they promised that my amount will be credited within 2 days but already 20 days completed today. i have sent mails 10 times but no respond. has been calling many times to this number 09243404044 nobody responded. what to do now. pls suggest , i am very very disappointing.
2 Years ago by ankita bisht (Neutral)
There is a site known as akosha consumer complaint forum, hope they can resolve our issues i am planning to take their help.
2 Years ago by Atin Jain (Neutral)
Fake promotion. I have placed an order on 30-Dec-2014 vide my order no. is R503564848 for LUXE LAVISH LEGGINGS. Now they are not responding to my mails and messages. It looks like a fraud website. No customer support contact number to complain. After my several complaints, they cancelled my order without any reason. I am still waiting for my refund. So please beware before buying any stuff from them.

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