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SHOP HUNK Complaints & Reviews - Online Shopping 16GB PENDRIVE FROM SHOP HUNK



Location: India
 PRITHWIRAJ DAS on 18-04-13
I perches a 16GB Transcend Flash Drive booked dated on 9th march 2013 & payment Rs.755 (Transaction Number 132534) for the above product paid via debit CARD(SBI)from but no item or no refund of money nothing has been given from them till now. Several emails/PHONE CALLS were given at (08065476384) but no reply or no progress, kindly see into this matter. After few days I received a phone from (9035060537)shophunk on dated 09/04/2013 at 05.33 pm they replied that they will update the problem in few days but still now no reply from shophunk. Till now their is no feed back of my pendrive & shop hunk phone call. Pl. help me, sir.

Thanks & Regards

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5 Years ago by jai (Agree)
I too have the same problem. Many such shopping websites are flashing attractive advertisements. Example Samsung Galaxy III for just 899/-, what the normal man whose savings are two thousand. he will have the mind set to buy that mobile in shop, but he cant. when he sees this ad. he will immediately orders it.

Indians are getting fooled by these fake websites. These websites to be banned and should be imposed huge fines.
5 Years ago by Danopus watch (Agree)
dear , sir
plz refund my mony and
5 Years ago by Ramesh (Agree) is big cheater, they took the money from me about one and half month back and not delivered any product. On top of that they have a customer care where people doesnt no anything and cannot resolve the issues. Firstly, they donot lift the calls, they donot respond to the emails.

Guys, becareful when you make any purchase with They are no. one cheaters and collect the money from us and escapes later.
5 Years ago by mukesh kumar (Agree) is really a big cheater, they took the money from me about three month back on the name of contest for which I was supposed to get a free Watch which i never got and for the remaining points i bought a pendrive which also i havenot got yet. Tried to call them by getting their number from some website but no body picks the phone and if someone picks the phone the moment you will say "is it shophunk conta they will reply wrong number and cut the phone.".Everybody is a cheater Firstly, they donot lift the calls, they donot respond to the emails.

Guys, becareful when you make any purchase with They are no. one cheaters and collect the money from us and escapes later.
4 Years ago by subramanian (Agree)
i participated in a contest for samsung mobile galaxy s4 with ipad and paid 799 throgh my credit card
i got a reply saying am shortlisted and need to pay another 7000 for the product
i am not ready to be cheated anymore
i want the money rs.799 to be refunded
do something for this
4 Years ago by JP (Agree)
Dear Friends,
Thank god. I made a payment of rs.6999 for Galaxy S4 contest with an ipad free for every participant.
Next day the payment gateway guys called me to confirm the processing of payment, which immediately gave a spark in my mind and i requested the payment gateway guys to stop the processing and the amount got credited back to my account in 7 days. Just want to share with you guys, even if u did a payment - there is another chance to get our many back.
"Special thanks to Direcpay Team"

Please stop buying from any unknown junk websites. visit the following website where u can find the detailed domain details with their expiry date. After 13-oct-2013, shophunk website itself will not be available.

Whois Server: MORE INFO...
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 13-oct-2012
Creation Date: 13-oct-2012
Expiration Date: 13-oct-2013
4 Years ago by gaurav (Neutral)
A fully fake company do not shop with that company the order detail are not display after shop. and also the money back policy of are zero % i also loss my 699 payment. with shop in this company
4 Years ago by SAMEER (Agree)
4 Years ago by Prem (Neutral)
Dear all,

After seing the mail from Shophunk, I happened to call them. It was very difficult to get through the number. After several try, finally I got through the number.

I did not find them handling the calls in a professional manner. The lady was struggling to answer to my queries.

I don't think it's a genuine e-commerce site.

4 Years ago by Austin (Agree)
No 1 fraud F.B bloody cheat they got a credit frm my acct for an amt of Rs. 799/-
I was not irritated coz in my mind tat I have offered a money to a BEGGAR who was BEGGING FOR MONEY long time. So with all the things I gave him the money

it is not They have to change the website to or

One day collection will be huge; there collection will be huge more than US. They will become a member in NASDAQ. :)) lol

4 Years ago by Harinath (Neutral)
i too had a similar problem with this i paid Rs.8999 for samsun galaxy s4 contest with Tab 3 free even if you don’t win the contest , its been 2 months now they didn’t give the tab and also not giving proper response. i used this 8999 to buy another mobile from shophunk and got the product after 1 month when i bugged then daily calling the customer care…. but till now i didn’t get the tab they promised. everytime i call then they comeup with the same answer we will send it to you there is delay in shipping as the shipment has to come from korea and they don’t respond properly.

these are the numbers call them after 10.30 am and before 6 pm .

Customer care number: 080-67683698
another mobile number which they called me..9035002226
they tell he is the manager but don’t sound like a manger by name anand : 9342922214

anyone please advice how we can teach these guys a lesson….
4 Years ago by Ritu (Disagree)
Hi friends,
so many people are getting gifts if they lost in their contest...... not only the shophunk all the online shopping websites will do the same thing in festival seasons, there is any communication gap happens with customer care people then only contestants will suffer or otherwise no problem with these contests and all , we need to follow their terms and conditions before we are going enter into the contest? just think it friends who will give in this world , a product in 80% to 90% discount on MRP. customers will have to be aware and knowing about these before participating in to these kind of, but this is not the way post things in it. these kind of this will do competitors of any online shopping portal not the customer, customers will do a call to their customer care and gets their result.
4 Years ago by Chenna (Agree)
Another victim of the scam. my self. I made payment of Rs. 9999/- recently towards a promotion but don't know when is it. my money showing in credits of 9999 points where i can buy any other. But don't know how to redeem these points

help me with a solution. - subject shophunk
4 Years ago by Faiz (Agree)
@ harinath.... Am also one among them..... Email me ur ur contact number to my email id Lets teach some lessons.....
4 Years ago by R. Sahoo (Neutral)
Dear All,

This company is a purely fake.
4 Years ago by Meera (Agree)
They are cheaters........Shop hunk site is a big Fraud for their customers. We all have been suffered from them.
They first attract the customers with their exciting deals and then they forget the deals and refund the customer money as the stupid credit points from which we are bound to purchase the awful...useless stuffs from their so called shopping site !

They are frauds......please be careful form (****)
4 Years ago by Its Fraudlaent (Agree)
I got an Email regarding Won Iphone and have to pay 699INR for collect the I Phone after made the payment i received the email 699INR is eligible for Contest. if it is not a winner money will be returable nu still no matter nothing received, they all are fraudulent guys be careful. Customer service they coated the number is false too. I Lost my money with tight situation.
4 Years ago by manoj kumar (Neutral)
I was initially lured by the their Ad to claim Samsung galaxy at huge discount by just paying 700 Rs.There is no question of going through terms and conditions when they advertise saying that you can get samasung phones at 98% discounts and then the Game begins.They will simply put you through lottery (which itself is illegal in India) and i have not seen any of my friends winning anything here.Guys, you will loose money for nothing.So, please don`t do any transaction here and be safe.I have already lost 700 bucks and its my personal experience.BIG TIME NO TO THIS FRAUD COMPANY.
Cheat and big fraud
4 Years ago by Bijay Kumar Behera (Agree)
Please don't believe this online shopping in shophunk. This is one of the biggest fraud in online shopping.

I received a mail saying that Rs. 9999/- win contest for Samsung S4 and every participents will get Samsung tab3 16gb free .Also i have inquired his customer care number 08067683698 they told yes we will send genuine with Samsung Tab3 16GB sim calling to every participants within 15 days after winner declare so I made a payment for this now already 2 months over every time i am calling different different guys pickup the call they are disconnecting the call or they told stocks are not available will give different company tab 3 which is cost 2.5k only. i am surely they are cheating all customer who is purchase from this site .Please all guys who has purchase from this site and facing this cheaters shophunk site please update me his mail id with contact number also please file one consumer case and provide me consumer case I will consult with my lawyer where we can file Strong action to them on court.They people are collect huge amount of money then leave close the site .please be careful on this site

Please be careful other guys with this frauder shopuhunk site. If you need any more information, please call me. or mail me.

Bijay Kumar
4 Years ago by unknown (Agree)
hey the same even i also played and won galaxy s4(which they tricked), but b4 payn money plz ensure u l pay cash on delivery...then u l on safe mode..agree...? and also b4 making transaction try to google the genuinity of the site..u l get to know any complaints abt it...k these r the two things which saves u from fraud..
4 Years ago by manish (Disagree)
Sir mere Shophunk account me 719 rupees cardit HaI

But koi product buy nhi ho raha hai
Buy Karen par dubara payment mangta hai
Aur call Karen par baat nahi karte
4 Years ago by kiran (Agree)
This company is a purely fake.

They are frauds......please be careful form (****)
4 Years ago by Ankur (Agree) is a pure fraud company......Please be careful with this company....Donot ever try to transact anything with this company....
4 Years ago by jaskirat (Agree)
Being educated.. how come you guys are cheated.... chutia hooo tum loog...compaqny ki galti nahi hai... galti tum chutio ki hai.... jo apna ulooo sidha kerte hai....
jaab taak tum jaise chutia ek desh mei hai, aise company apna munafa kerti rahenge....
y dont u guys dont understand no body gives anyone, anything for free.... baap beta koi nahi deta aaj ke yug mei tou......!
Wake up guys.... abhi bhi samay hai...
4 Years ago by RISHABH DEVGAN (Disagree)
4 Years ago by ROOMPA MAHATO (Agree)
Yes, this site is absolutely a fraud one. God knows what would have happened if I didn't googled it. How a pricely mobile can be selled at a cheaper rate? absolutely they are trying to fool us and take our money.Only trusted sites should be used to buy things online, like, etc.
4 Years ago by deepali (Agree)
i also lost 699 on the contest, please send my money back
on my acct.
4 Years ago by Jay (Neutral)
Hi Frineds,

All are intelligent guys, why are wrong decision.
iphone 5s market price 51,949.00(apprx.) how it possible 699/- this on chit fund..
4 Years ago by Vinayak (Agree)
Totally fake.........
4 Years ago by Tumhum1 (Agree)
Bastard and fake only. only cheating, in their all product category search blank screen will appear except kitchen, and some leggings..... what a useless product at so high price comparable to other sites, i think they display only 40-50 products, Its only a fake company, i was also cheated Rs-799 for s4.
4 Years ago by Indu Rungta (Neutral)

Hello friends, i got one screen while using computer and it was 5 contest question and then it said I win the contest
and ""Contest - Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 :Pay & get to win...Rs. 40690Rs. Rs. 799.
I doubt it was not a samsung Galaxy company contest, it was a online shopping company contest so I search on
google and got this, I think such cheater should be punished.
Please post this complain page on many web site like facebook twiter etc etc so others should be careful.

This makes bad Image of other Online shopping company, they should also take some step to prevent such fake
company, its also loss to them.

Becareful, thanks all
4 Years ago by kumar (Agree)
shop hunk is a the above comment i also win the same samsung galaxy s4 before i shop i wanted to knoe the details of it and called them 3 times but there was no reply so i searched on google and i have seen that shop hunk is a be careful....

some body should take action on such cheater websites.
4 Years ago by mayank raj (Agree)
shophunk is a fraud site ,,
4 Years ago by mayank raj (Agree)
dosto ye ek fraud site haiii ,, dosto plz iske chakkar mein mt aaannnaaa ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, plz plz plz
4 Years ago by mahendra singh (Agree)
tottaly fake company .perhapes they are working on lottery system by chain sop.
4 Years ago by AKM (Agree)
Same here Samsung Galaxy S4 -

Paid 9999/- thru online payment method , already 5 months gone., customer care is acting weird now, not responding and disconnecting phone, I have lodged complaint in the Consure Court, Online Govt. website. it works, would encourage to lodge your complaint in the consumer forum, trust me, you will get the justice.

All the best,
4 Years ago by shophunk is a cheater website (Agree)
Please help me get my money back. I got an email from They offered me Contest - Samsung galaxy :Pay & get to win this for 899 Rs. I paid them 899 Rs on 15/01/2014 This is the transaction details:15/01/2014 tTransaction i.d. 1438466 Next day I tried to call to their no - 08067683698.but this is unable to reach. And then I tried to email them at That is also getting bounce-back. I believe this is all fake. They are tacking a lots of money from innocent people. Please check there website. I.
4 Years ago by Fraud and Fake website SHOPHUNK.COM (Agree)
All the contest carried out by shophunk are fraud. They never give you credit point as they said. Customer care department is a real bullshit. Even if you follow all T&C as they mentioned you willget nothing except frustration and fraud. Participating in contest of shophunk is real waste of money. Friends please please please dont participate in any contest from shophunk and dont buy any product from theire website.
4 Years ago by DEEPA (Agree)
4 Years ago by hari (Neutral)
4 Years ago by Mohan (Chennai) (Agree)
Government should take necessary action against this kind of Fake Websites.
4 Years ago by P.M.Chowdhury (Agree)
I also awaaiting the shipment of 16GB pen drive since a month nearly. No answer or communication received
4 Years ago by Amit (Agree)
Thank you guys otherwise I am going to pay using my debitcard. But Sprkle in my mind that only in 699 who is going to give such a hifi mobile. So I got the bad review and stopped my processing.
4 Years ago by yusuf fake web site (Disagree)
u no geveda money ya cell phone
4 Years ago by Ravinder Singh (Agree)
Helpful review. Similar mail recd from shophunk regarding iphone for Rs.699/- only. Totally fraud. Other please careful.
4 Years ago by Mohammed Ansaf (Agree)
Is this website fake?????????

I ordered a product from this website but there's no tracking details of the product & dispatch details....
I call them to the given number on the website but there's no good response from them.
4 Years ago by gaurika singh (Disagree)
this shop hunk is a big cheater website..i gave rupees 700 to win an
iPhone or samsung galaxy..they said if i will not win then they
would give a shopping voucher worth rupees 700.they cheated me,
i will go to the consumer court to stop these kind of fake websites.
cheaters shop hunk!!!
4 Years ago by ravi rana (Agree)
they are very big frauds
4 Years ago by Sanjeev Thakur (Agree)
I have lodged an F I R against them and I want CBI to look into the matter.
4 Years ago by Sanjeev Thakur (Agree)
I purchased a I phone 5s booked dated on 19 April 2014 payment Rs. 23699 (Transaction Number for the above product paId From SBI online to but no item or no refund of money nothing has been given from them till now. Several emails/PHONE CALLS were given at (08065476384) but no reply or no progress, kindly see into this matter. After few days I received a phone from (9035060537)shophunk on dated 09/04/2013 at 05.33 pm they replied that they will update the problem in few days but still now no reply from shophunk. Till now their is no feed back of my Iphone 5S.
4 Years ago by vive krish ms (Neutral)
Oh thank god..,.i have also participate this contest and I got Samsung grand in 699 ...and I belive it may be true..i also fill ma adress and the payment processing suddenly spark in ma Mind to check about shophuck in google..while I am saw complaint am sure it was fake....thank for share u r complaints dude...i just quit from that contest...thank u all...
4 Years ago by varadharajan (Neutral)
Dear All,

Fraud,fake,cheater website't purchased any product.
4 Years ago by mahipat (Agree)
I am luck viner
3 Years ago by kanhaiya (Neutral)
Oh friemds when i am order to samsung galaxy s4 then i was pay 699 rupees but still now my phone is not delivered and no mail by shophunk my transaction id is 3491841 on 4 - 9- 14 so frnds dont purchase any item from shop it is fraud and my mobile no is 9582763229
3 Years ago by Fazal Khan (Agree)
If government is not involved?. Then action should be taking angsts SHOPHUNK like type of sites.
3 Years ago by Ramanand Jhingade (Agree)
I was browsing through a website and suddenly got the pop of a message of winning of one of several phones - Iphone or Samsung s5 with Rs 699 as shipment charge with a flash "claim now" your reward It asked me for a payment immediately and took me to a payment gateway for shipment and Handling. I paid it without a background check I was shocked to receive a confirmation mail saying, "thanks for entering the contest" and "lucky winner will be chosen once a month by lucky draw and lucky winner will get the product only after 100 days The land lines numbers given by them don't work at all Now future course of action should be to identify their office and complain with cyber police of fraud. Someone tell me how to complain to the cyber police.-Dr.Ramanand
3 Years ago by Rishabh Sharma (Neutral)
Hello everyone.... these companies are able to cheat us only becase we let them do so.... lets get united buddies...I know a thing or two about hacking and i will try to track the ip address of the id is all persons eho have lost their money on any site mail me..... i will try to help you out...
3 Years ago by NATIONAL JUSTICE COUNCIL (Neutral)
Hi All, I represent National Justice Council(NJC), Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Anyone who has problem in this case can approach us, since, NJC works on public interest issues. You can submit your complaint in this matter and would be able to take the matter legally, provided, all the victims provide written complaints.

You can write us email at or visit our office at 904, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi for further details.

The contact numbers are 011-23355466/477/499

Contact Person: Jagriti

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