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Club factory Complaints & Reviews - Incomplete order delivered and no response from the customer care for exchange of product


Club factory ,India

Location: India
 Kansingh Yaduvanshi on 16-11-16
Incomplete order delivered and no response from the customer care for exchange of product
Did not receive a complete order
Product was missing
Even wanted to return the product due to ill fit n size issues
Mailed the customer care but response
They have no customer care contact no where we can convey our problems
I don't know wat to do as my entire money is stuck
Plz help
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12 Months ago by Anupam Roy (Neutral)
i have broght two shirt from club factory app an ihave paid the amount(rs 2178) but oder not to place .pls do needful.
12 Months ago by Rohit Thakran (Neutral)
I have also pay the payment but my product was not delivered so that what I to do tell me the product buy from club factory
12 Months ago by Kansingh Yaduvanshi (Neutral)
My order no.so305872
Tracking no.645451250
Surbhi gupta
When i receive my order???
11 Months ago by Sarthak Sareen (Neutral)
I ordered a men black zipper jacket .
I received the order after 15 days and the product I received was DEFECTED AND WAS VRRY DIRTY.
I MAILED for return policy they replied by saying to post the product to China , expenses I have to give.
This is not a way why I have to pay everything as the product I ordered was DEFECTED.
ORDER NO- SO322753
CONTACT- 9899591896
11 Months ago by Hammad Ahmed (Neutral)
I have ordered a leather jacket from club factory of Light coffee colour worth Rs. 1978 with debit card number 5172711784023791 and for which delivery date is 14th December,2016 and till now I have niether received the order nor any response from the Club Factory.I will be very thankful to you as please deliver my order or return the amount that I have paid for the order.
11 Months ago by Suparna Roy Chowdhury (Neutral)
I have ordered a casual breathable sport shoes on 23rd November.
Order No- #S0333907
Name- Suparna Chatterjee
Contact No- 9674903445

But till date I have not received my order. Please do the needful.
11 Months ago by shayada sayani (Neutral)
i have received same issue .my order is incomplete and response from customer care i need call urgent

Mobile no-7738254786
11 Months ago by mohd asif khan (Disagree)
my oder is very dilay during giving me period I oder two jacket I am very upset about your service plese give me information about my oder contact no +91 9560261776 name manas mehuri
10 Months ago by harsh deep (Neutral)
i have trying to purchase one long coat but your aap is not working and i am not able to under stand your aap kindly suggest
how to use when putting my detail and id there is some error please help if this not fake ..
10 Months ago by Kansingh Yaduvanshi (Neutral)
I order two items today and payment got deducted account and received message from bank also. But the order is still showing pending payment. Need help, even call the the club factory but no response... Call me on this 9666177405
10 Months ago by Adarsh Gupta (Neutral)
10 Months ago by Dhaval Patel (Neutral)
I have got 3 items and payment got deducted from. Ma account and received message from bank also. Bt the order is not delivered..need help , and what is your customer care no ? Call me on this no


Order no : SO582837
9 Months ago by Sisodia Tejender Partap (Neutral)
My Order no #so581215 is not delivered tracking no 645323618
9 Months ago by Sisodia Tejender Partap (Neutral)
My order no #581215 tracking no 645323618 is not delivered
7 Months ago by dipesh rai (Neutral)
All of u have been cheated..
7 Months ago by Sanjay Nayak (Neutral)
I have got 4 items and payment got deducted from. My account and received message from bank also. Bt the order is not delivered..need help.

Order no : SO749192
7 Months ago by Neeraj Sharma (Neutral)
Sir pls i return my order and refund my balance
My order no SO858558
No. 9873133131
7 Months ago by harshad pansuriya (Neutral)
plz my order currier otherwise refund my balance
order No.SO751766
Please kindly check.
7 Months ago by Kunal Khetwani (Neutral)
Its been more than 10 days I placed an order with Club Factory worth 2.5k and everytime I check the status it say to be patient your order is being shipped. They look like fraudsters to me. If I do not received my order in the next and is not what was promised to me you will face the music club factory!!
7 Months ago by Harish Jaiswal (Neutral)
I ordered 1 product. The Nac T-shirt has arrived a month today, I have no money back

Harish jaiswal



Plz contact me

09977227795 or 9993733851
7 Months ago by Kunal Khetwani (Neutral)
Your customer service contact number is invalid. How the hell is someone supposed to connect with you'll? What kind of service is this? Need someone to call me on 09820663155 immediately.
7 Months ago by raj gupta (Agree)
I booked shoes but there are not responce . it's almost 15 days
My orders no is SO845814 .service is not good . I don't recommed clube factory anymore . My contacts no is 9004903493
6 Months ago by Ashish Gupta (Neutral)
I have also placed a order of shoe , my order delivery date is 6th may 17 , I have paid 1200 rs . Hope will get my shoe order no is SO989693.... All foreign customer is appreciated but concern for me all the indian customers criticized this app ...I have not found single indian customer in any place , I have check all reviews every where ,even on Google.... But my mistake after place my order have checked....india is the biggest online market ...pls don't spoil ur image.....
6 Months ago by Ishan Kundra (Neutral)
I have ordered the products and it is not received yet by me the customer care is not working whatever the reason is but i want my product or give me my money back (india)7018487497
6 Months ago by Pooja Vats (Neutral)
they didnt provide order this is fake website
6 Months ago by Swati Singh (Agree)
@club factory!! Worst service I have seen till date. They have deducted my INR 4995 and now I want to return my items as material is below standard. Just c grade. Initially they took 20 days to deliver. Now they are not not responding how to return back to them. Please help me. How can I get my money back and send their disgusting material to their address.

Contact no- 7042573011
6 Months ago by Suku (Neutral)
Same experience here also. Ordered 15 days before... unfortunately neither received the products nor any response.
Please help and stop doing this fraud business.
6 Months ago by Latika Raheja (Neutral)
Pathetic service :( ordered but no update and not able to connect customer care. Thought to order more of 50k but serusly not satisfied and planninh to switch
6 Months ago by Poonam Sengar (Neutral)
Dear Club Factory,

Your services and your application is shit....
i have place order on 23rd May 2017 i have paid on the spot by debit card.
today is 5th May 2017 but I'm not getting any update or status on my order stuff.
Order No. SO967813, Tracking: 648051723


6 Months ago by Sonia Das (Neutral)
Amount debited but order not placed from my account
6 Months ago by ritu bansal (Disagree)
hi ,
I did not receive my order as yet and I placed the order on 29th April , 2017 and also the payment of my product is deducted from my account and also not showing my tracking details and I am trying to call the customer care but number is not reachable , very poor response of the club factory and I m suggested you to all not to use this site .plz process my order as soon as possible , my order number is - SO1017241
6 Months ago by Api Seeks (Neutral)
Oh my god!!
I am so worried after going through all these messages.
My order id is - SO1017575
Total amount that I had paid is -1728INR
I placed the order on 29th April which was supposed to be delivered by 7working days.I tried contacting the customer service but no one paid any heed.
6 Months ago by Gaurav Saxena (Neutral)
@Club factory!! Shameful service I have seen. They have deducted my INR 2K and now I want to return my items as material is faulty and below standard. Initially they took more than 20 days to deliver. Now they are not not responding how to return back to them. Please help me. How can I get my money back and send their disgusting material to their address.
Now there are offering me 2USD to compromise, such a cheap firm.

Gaurav - 9911213222
5 Months ago by Deepti Hemdev (Neutral)
Order No. : SO1029576 was PARTIALLY delivered with no updates on the left over products. First of all, the delivery was delayed so much, now I don't have the update on the rest of the products of the order. I want this issue to be looked into on priority. Also, I need a quick update on the tracking of the products. How can the application update the status as shipped with the incomplete order delivery? If no action is taken at the earliest I will have to Raise this concern to the Next Level.

FYI : The order was placed on 30th April '17. Its few days left to be a month's time. Pathetic Service and Tracking System!!
5 Months ago by Deepali Mittal (Neutral)
This is wrost site ever....plsss dont order any product frm this site plsss itss my requst....jittni km price lga rkhe h utna hi bewkuff bana rhe h saale. Na to koi no h inse contact krne ka... Farzi h sb..
5 Months ago by Lovy (Neutral)
Your shipping charges are too muchh....i want to shoppibg on clup factory but dis is the main reason ...dats y i cant shopping on dis site...things are very beautiful but.....
5 Months ago by Priyanka Chaudhary (Neutral)
i have return my product and they have received but now they are not giving any answer for my refund
contact no. 7838540255
4 Months ago by Prajwal Shetty (Agree)
I have ordered 3 items from club factory,the product nomber is EQ268860520IN but I'm not satisfied with that product bcz of its quality I want refund of that product I have courier to address at package my contact nomber is 9591758377
4 Months ago by Mayuri Samant (Neutral)
My order is SO1615130
It's been too long that I placed my order with club factory n there is literally no updates. I feel like a fool to order from this app. Pls update me about my order n also the product you ain't sending anymore cause it went missing I would like to know exactly how long it will take to refund it. I've had worst experience of shopping with club factory. There was no notification of them cancelling a part of my order. Some how feeling like it's a fraud company. My email id is Pls do the needful
4 Months ago by Ranit Ghosh (Neutral)
How do i have trackin no .please help.
4 Months ago by Ranit Ghosh (Neutral)
How do i have trackin no .please help.
4 Months ago by Shikha Pandey (Neutral)
Hi, i have ordered on 5 July but did not receive my order. how much time it will take??????????.
Amount is deducted from my account.
My order no SO1793489.
Please let me know my status of order, when it will deliver.
4 Months ago by Charul Kothekar (Agree)
I order a Top costing Rs.1092 but the order got failed. However the amount was deducted from my account. Need help in getting back my money. No response from Club Factory Team.Please help.

Order No - SO1892494.
4 Months ago by gaurav gautam (Disagree)
My Order No. ;- SO 1763941 , still not received. Kindly go through as soon as possible
3 Months ago by 8289 (Neutral)

This is a path of his contact details search as per given his email id into club factory apps and I think they are fake site as per read out your compliants and reviews about mentioned above. I am not be buying anything from clubs factory.

Name: Leon Xu

3 Months ago by 8289 (Neutral)
Contact to taahi lekha hai site pa aur pata nhi Leon Xu ka name ka person bhi hai yaah nhi. Before used any online shopping pleased checking company T&C and company is registered in india aur not.

Kindly checkout before online shopping
3 Months ago by Mehul Kharwa (Neutral)
our product namly the slim knit cardigan sweater is with shirt and tie or not?
3 Months ago by shwetank prasad (Neutral)
Where is my product till now not received last month I have ordered you people are fake
On the application it is showing product is delivered and given 5star rating also by itself
Reference Id 652946947
2 Months ago by ALAUKIK Ban (Neutral)
Scamming problem: I ordered my stuffs and the money has already been deducted from my bank account but not and lead and my order is not even placed. So plz help me out with it or give my money back .
2 Months ago by Siya Pandey (Neutral)
Hi my odear no so3098914 plz tarking no send me plzzz
2 Months ago by shahid khan (Neutral)
Where is produc. My name is Shahid Khan.
Mob no 8089987602
Code 676551
Order No. SO3099271) has been processed and shipped by GATI. Your tracking number is EQ520538000IN.
1 Month ago by Raj Kumar (Neutral)
I take a order for 10 day by my order not come. I pay 5100 reppee
And 16 September my flight toh Africa so plz deliver my things my product .. name Raj Kumar mobile no 8512829760 plz coll me immediately.. my order no is SO3715006 .. plz coll me
1 Month ago by Balram Rathod (Neutral)
Sir pl. My order is not received pl. Help me
My order No.SO3723773 has been shipped by GATI. My tracking number is EQ520749635IN.
1 Month ago by Ningappa G (Neutral)
what is your customer care
i need help and i want to place my order but i was try to login to your app
but it is not working its fake or its really
can you pls call me 9620037540
1 Month ago by Ningappa G (Neutral)
2 Weeks ago by sanjivini malhotra (Neutral)
Sanjivini malhotra this side .
My order number is 504169540
I still didnt received my order

I am unable to contact your any mentioned number.
Club factory
Pls call me at 9582404665

2 Weeks ago by abhishek kumar (Neutral)
My order nuber is SO4345446 but my tracking nuber is showing in valid on gati. so please help me .... And contact me on 8271858373 pease
2 Weeks ago by santosh chaurasia (Neutral)
I order some product from club factory but there is no update
my order number is 660572572,when i checked with Gati courier service they told me it is invalid number.
please give my money back.
2 Weeks ago by santosh chaurasia (Neutral)
please contact me on number -7899121625

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