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Sponsored links Complaints & Reviews - Not delivering the goods,faridabad,Haryana,India

Location: faridabad,Haryana,India
 rohiet on 06-04-13
Not delivering the goods
I have booked the phone (Micromax HD ) on 22-02-is 2013 by paying advance booking of Rs 550/- for the handset (Price Rs13940) later the company found the demand in advance booking so they raised the price by Rs 14950 and asking for the fresh amount and without giving any feedback they have refunded the amount, later with discussion with the owner of CHIPKART Mr Saikat , he agrees upon for giving the goods at the previous price and raised the demand for Rs 13940 on 23-03-2013, i have paid the said amount on the same date. Today we are @ 6-04-2013 still I have not received my goods and now he is not picking up my phone calls. request you to file against these buggers who takes the money through there online portal but not delivering the goods to the customer and need my goods.
regards Rohiet
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5 Years ago by (Disagree) never said they will not deliver the goods,he only said if its not going to be delivered fast then refund his money so we have refunded him,there was delay of stock from Micromax.we have his sms also that asked for refund.refund issued on 6 April,2013
5 Years ago by Ragu (Agree)
I dont know what was the problem with chipkart. Many people have booked Micromax canvas 3 HD and still waiting waiting and waiting. My two friends booked in chipkart and waiting for a long time. When we call chipkart customer care, they will tell, they have dispatched today morning in First flight courier and they will give tracking id by evening. But eve we wont get it. If we call them next day, they will tell again same story. Similarly one full week(1st week of April)gone, till now they not yet gave tracking id to any of the customers. I have doubt whether they dispatched or simply telling lie to their customers. This is not fair. If it is dispatched, then give tracking id to the customer. Dont play with peoples money. Do the needfull to your customers soon.

5 Years ago by Rohiet (Neutral)
I am totally agreed with ragu as Mr saikat told me weeks before that your goods was dispatched through first flight and you will get the product by friday evening but when i did not get the goods on friday i started giving call to Mr Saikat but every time he disconnects my call and send the sms will give u call in another half an hour and after that he switchs off his mobile.
As per Mr saikat he said that i have asked for refund through sms on 6 april 2013 so he refunded my money on the same date. But one thing i need to ask from Mr Saikat on which grounds then he has given us the committiment pn my mail that ypur goods already dispatched and you will be getting by 5 april 2013. All of the sudden he promptly acted on my sms about the refund and proccessed the same,which means he was making fool to the customer sinced they have taken the order and they have used the money of the buyers at 0% interest rate.
Second if my goods was dispatched earlier as per Mr Saikat then how could he processed the refund.
This shows his intention that when people start asking for refund he immediately accepting there refund request because he can sell that product with the new raised price to another customers.

We should take strict action towards such online portals who plays with the customers money and sentiments , and i request all the buyers who are facing such problem with chipkart should file a charge of Rs 50000 for harrasment and playing with our money.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
I agree with what mr.rahul has to say,but he may not know that when a customer pay for his product we don'r receive the money instantly,their money is kept with CC Avenue or Bank(the payment processing company),they only transfer the amount once we deliver the order or after minimum 15-21 days,And this is also fact that for every transaction banks takes 1.5 to 5 % processing charge,But when ppl are canceling we refund their full amount although it is written in our terms & conditions that we deduct that amount,when we are refunding ppl bank are not paying the charge back,so are losing money also,5% of 15000 is a big amount I think,so we are losing money also,But we refund the customer full bcz he was not satisfied with our services,unfortunate circumstances happen due to many factors,this time it was for late arrival of canvas hd from manufacturer & they even raised its price,although I can provide everyone in public what rate Micromax is giving product,also I can provide lots of people who booked for 13990 & we dispatched their product,And for Mr.Raghu if his friends booked on our site they will surely get the track id,yesterday only we almost gave 25-30 customers their track id,Also I would like to say If I have given someone my personal number that is surely not with bad intentions,but that doesn't mean that I don't have any work & I have to answer every call,there are few ppl who continuously call even if I inform them I am busy.
there are also few ppl whom we have given extra Rs.1000 with their amount bcz we were unable to deliver the product in time & price raised so they were not able to book it on any other site,but the fact is they were also not able to ship the product in time,so everybody has to understand the situation from both side.I told Mr. rohit to pay only after confirmation from,but he paid as soon as I raised the invoice for him & started asking everyday if his product is shipped or not.
anyway We still can give him the mobile,but we will only take his money after delivery not before that bcz once ppl paid their amount they simply don't understand the situation & starts pressurizing us,at these circumstances,sometimes we also start to panic & we see no other option than refunding his money.
5 Years ago by Ragu (Neutral)
Iam very very much happy with this chipkart for things like, refunding the amount quickly those who cancel orders, extra 1000rs, extra memory card. Even though they started a few months ago, they able to satisfy with those things. But i want to ask one thing, on wednesday(3rd April) i called them, they said my purchase shipped today morning through First flight courier and we will give u tracking id todey eve. I dint got tracking id on eve. So, again i called them next day(thursday 4th April), they said it was dispatched yesterday eve and tracking id will be given within today eve. I dint got. Again i called them on next day(Friday 5th April), they said it was dispatched on wednesday eve itself and due to communication problem they cant able to give tracking id yesterday, and today eve they will give tracking id for sure. Again i dint got. On saturday(5th April), i called them, no one picked. Today monday, till now i dint got the tracking id. If it is dispatched on wednesday evening, y cant they provide tracking id. They need 4days to give tracking id???.So, if they true to their customers, answer to this que...
5 Years ago by Roheit (Neutral)
Hello Ragu, I am 100% sure that your product was not dispatched by the Chipkart till date and by mistake if you have send SMS or mail for the refund in two minutes you will get the message that your amount was refunded.
As far as for the Chipkart we need to take some serious action so that in future they can not play with the customers sentiment and money..
5 Years ago by vishwas shinde (Neutral)
mainey bhe sey micromax canvas a116 hd. 23 feb 2013 ko pre-booked kiyatha..
or 25 march 2013 ko mainey full ammount pay kardiya...
but 1 hafthey pahaley .....chipkart costomer sey meyri bath huvi.. so unhoney mujey kaha ki appka product. guruvar ko ship kiya jayega....
but no respons.

uskey bad mainey fir dubara call kiya tho no ans..
y y y no ans.
or ring bajthey raha thi hey but kobhe call nahe resived kartha....
aj 1and half month ho chuka hey..

or chipkart apney website per tho,


aisa dikha raha hey..
so mujey apsey mujey puchna hey ki... or kithna din hamey wait karna padega....

please reply fast..
my Order No.2401
5 Years ago by Agrima (Agree)
One thing i dont understand is that why is chipkart not attending our calls. ?
It is totally unfair and makes us paranoid.
5 Years ago by Agrima (Agree)
You are not attending our calls and not even intimidating about our product confirmation/Dispatch/Delivery. I will take some serious action. I had ordered for a Canvas 2, I have not yet received the product also i wanted to make a request but none from your side picks up the call or replies to the emails.
Very very poor customer care service.
5 Years ago by Ragu (Neutral)
Iam totally dissapointed and angry with chipkart. They said my order has been dispatched last week. When i called them yesterday, they told it was not dispatched and they need 10 to 15 days more. They always telling lie to their customers. I ordered before 45 days, within this 45 days, they said it was dispatched and it will reach soon for 2 to 3 times. They are true liars. They are not fit to do this business. So, i asked for cancel my order and within a minute of time they canceled my order. Why not they showing this speed in delivery???. They wont respond, they wont deliver at time, they cancel the order as soon u get angry and ask for cancel. Totally waste of money and time if you order in chipkart.
5 Years ago by vishwas shinde (Neutral)
today im call for them and they said ..

your product will be dispatched on friday...

letss seeee what hapen......
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
We don't want to comment anything,but one-thing I want to say we have informed everyone the problems with Micromax canvas HD before 15-20 days ago & also requested to take refund,we are new in the business,mistakes can happen,we are also human beings,we also can be misinformed by someone or some company.
And about customer care service we know there are shortcomings but very soon we will be upgrading it to toll free no & handing over this job to someone who can handle customers on our behalf.
To Agrima -your product has been dispatched please put a comment when you get the delivery.

Another thing I would like to say if we are refunding someone's money instantly that is because we are also in tension if we are not able to deliver the product according to commitment & don't want to hold anyone's money ,And as I have said we loose money for every refund we make but still we refund them instantly,everything happens for money so if we are losing money then surely we not the gainers,but we are taking this matter as lesson & we will be very much careful in future before dealing with any company who don't keep their commitment.
5 Years ago by Agrima (Neutral)
Thank you.
5 Years ago by chanchal (Agree)
I had placed an order on Wednesday 10/04/2013. There is no communication from the vendor on the order or item being shipped or not. Site is not working. No contact number. I am really scared now and thinking if I made the rt choice by booking on Chipkart. I want my money back. Where can I contact the owner??
5 Years ago by rohiet (Neutral)
Chanchal ,
Owner is Mr saikat his no. is 08974157707 and his email id is,
But there is no benefit you will get, as he is not picking up his phone also.
My payment was refunded by him on 06-04-2013 through CC Avenue but till date the amount was not credited in my account and we don't have any option just wait wait and wait.
Earlier we are waiting for the product now we are waiting for our refunded money..

Please suggest every one not to buy any product from CHIPKART.
They are THIEF........
5 Years ago by Meritor (Agree)
Chipkart et all,

What is latest on this? Should I place order now? If I place today, when will I get my phone?
I am bit scared after reading all the comments.

Please advise.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Dear All chipkart id delivering product to all,some unfortunate circumstances happened due to Micromax,problem is ppl dont give any comment after getting the product,but it gets any late or some happens these ppl always there to put some bad comment
5 Years ago by Shivranjan Manila (Disagree)
I got my canvas Hd 116 from,They made me wait for 15-20 days but I got delivery which i booked for 13990/-.
5 Years ago by Koushal (Neutral)
Me also got delivery of Canvas HD on 10 April from
5 Years ago by Raju (Disagree)
this is raz
until the product(a116) is not available at all remaining stores also due to micromax company factors
now they are ready to make ship the product
just now i got tracking ID also
so buddies be patient
5 Years ago by sandeep (Disagree)
4977 is my order number . cancel my order and refund my money
5 Years ago by Ragu (Neutral)
Hi guys. Dont believe Chipkart. Its waste of time and money if you shop with My two friends placed Micromax a116 on 3rd march. Nearly a month gone, on 8th april they promised they will deliver. But they dint. So we cancelled the order on 9th April and got the refund yesterday. The only favour they did to me is, they refund the full amount without any charge. For this alone i want to thank them. But i wont forget that they fooled me telling that my purchase was shipped for 2 or more times. So i wont thank them. Micromax a116 now available in local show room like Univercell, Poorvika at cost of 14500/-. So you can go and purchase from this local showrooms. Dont go and purchase in online which costs more and around 15000. And even by mistake, dont go for chipkart. Its waste of time, money and finally ull get cheated/fooled.
5 Years ago by Ragu (Neutral)
After getting refund from chipkart, I went to poorvika and bought Micromax A116 at cost of 14499/- only. Its working AWE-SOME. I am happy cancelled order from chipkart. Or else i dont know whether still how many months have to wait to get phone from Chipkart.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
TO Ragu
Mr.Raghu hope you got the refund but the thing is now mobile is available with us & every where,the time when you did it was ver very much difficult for everyone.everyone is getting mobile now.everyone will get their maximum with in 3-4 days.
5 Years ago by Anurag Sharma (Disagree)
order no:4303
i booked 1 canvas 2 & canvas hd from
chipkart delivered me canvas 2 after 3 days,but canvas hd got late,i got it at 8 april.
I have seen same posts on other sites in other name,whoever this raghu is he is trying to spream scam about this site.

i got delivery by dtdc
tracking id:K59060939
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
order id 5093
i have place the order on : 04/04/2013 and today is 17/04/2013 and i have told them that my brother going to get married on 14 april so please send me the phone before that thats y i have placed on 4th but i have been keep asking them when you will ship the product ....but every time they have said with in a few days max to max you will get the product by 15 april so they are just a big lier i have been contacted them for last 13 days and i have made the full payment on 4th april

and on 10/04/2013 when i have asked them to return my cash so they have said you will get your product in your hand by 15 of apri maximum but i was mad i have trusted them i am already fedup by there work and cutomer relationships

so today i have mailed them there admin to please cancel the order and return my cash becuse i lives in delhi and right now it is easily available in the market
5 Years ago by Ragu (Neutral)
Hi Anurag Sharma. There is nothing between me and chipkart to post false comment. Like you iam also customer to chipkart. You got the product, so you happy with chipkart service. But me, placed order on 3rd march and waited till 8th April. Between this period, they told they have dispatched my order. Likewise they lied me more than 2 times. What is there with chipkart to tell lie to me. If the chipkart need few more days, why cant they ask for few more days to me. Instead they lied to me. So i lost trust with chipkart. This what happened. There are many people like me posting comments about chipkart service. This is because they giving false promise. They tell they have dispatched without dispatching the product. This is not good for online shopping.
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
today i called them and they have givene me this a n06147159 tracking no but they didnt inform me which company is realted to this tracking no and they have also told me that this not updated at yet and it will take 1 more day to get updated let see if i get the product in coming 4 days.
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
In spite of reading all negatives, I've dared to place my order today morning i.e 17/04/2013. The current status till today evening is "Complete awaiting shipping'.
Lets see how it goes. I'll keep you updated on my order.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
now you will get the product dear,everyone else also,vai we got past the bad time when stock was not available from Micromax,but now its available everywhere so anyone can deliver the mobile & get good comments but that time stock was really not available.
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
hahah should i say thank you for that ...listen if the product is not available in the market and which is in a huge demand ,you not need to give any promise to any customer ,reason being you loose your goodwill and earning goodwill something which can take lots of years but for loosing can take only one moment .

And Mr. see today is 18 and i have paid the full payment on 4th it is a very long time to wait for a new phone so stop disguising the customer and please ensure that you people deliver the product with in 3-4 working date
5 Years ago by Agrima (Agree)
What is the problem with your Phone? Why dont u people answer!!!
Please my product hasnt been delivered to my place. Help.
5 Years ago by Agrima (Agree)
I have not received my product. What have you dispatched
You told me that you have dispatched the product and i should comment when i receive the product. Look at your horrible service and how you lie to your customers. Will i ever receive my product?
5 Years ago by Agrima (Agree)
Please cancel my order. The order Id is 5110.
I have to make the comment and request here because the number provided is not being answered. I'd better order it from somewhere else.
It was a micromax canvas 2.
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
very very poor service and fraud website. i have been cheated and the owner is too a big lair . they are fraud , dont shop form their website .....
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
I have been shopping from flipkart and infibeam from last 3 years i didnt have any complain against. i was never forced to call their customer care number as they are best in the business but for the first time i shop from so called CHIPKART ( may be like to become like flipkart) it was so horrible experience for me i will not shop again from non reputed online portals like this CHIPKART.COM. the owner of this site name Saiket Bardhan is liar so can imagine how will be their employee will be....??? i ordered canvas 2 not HD one but they have not shipped yet. Please dont buy anything form this website. they are thief and liar too.. you can buy canvas 2 from infibeam they will ship in 24 hrs and Croma is another trusted website...
5 Years ago by Meritor (Agree)
Today is third day since I placed my order, I have NOT heard anything from so far.
Any comments
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
what you have ordered meritor ?
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Mr Aditya What is your may I know your order No????????
hello aditya you have no right to call us thief & fraud,it looks like you have no manner how to comment about
ppl,if you don't like our service then don't buy or take refund,who forced you?????
what we have stolen from you man????
what do you mean by horrible experience man,what did I lie to you??????

"please dont buy anything form this website. they are thief and liar too.."

what a comment man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just that I personally try help someone that doesn't mean you have comment like that

Take your refund & go to hell
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Meritor What is your order id??
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
look here Someone called Mr.rohiet started the post here,he said us thief,now got his refund no comment, I have said many many times refund is done by cc avenue & we don't have any hand in that.

BUT THAT ALL KNOW Mr.Rohiet Called Us Thief,It's just that ppl like aditya & rohiet don't know how to speak & really they don't have any curtsy.

You ordered on your own will,no one forced you,so
5 Years ago by aditya (Agree)
Saikat is lair. CcAvenue only takes 3-4 days maximum to complete the transaction. You are lair Saiket. Just win the trust of customer and refund or ship their products . Don't talk rubbish .
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
I have all the proofs of your rubbish ness. Do you want me to disclose publicly. All the people complaining and this list will grow more. Just save your image and start shipping their products or refund their money.
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
You only fool people . I am not the only one all are feeling like that only. You only cheat people. Close your website stop cheating people with a sentence that order will be ship within 7 days.just write truth OK man.
5 Years ago by Rohiet (Neutral)
Mr saiket for your information for you the word theif is very less , you such a bugger , keeping silent in the chain doesn't mean that i can listen your nonsense talk, you can see your self if only one person is wrong , i will agree but the truth is in front of you , you have cheated all your customers , as far as the refund is concerned i know how much i have to follow up with the Cc avenue, refund will take 2-3 days but my refund came atleast after 10 days.So stop talking rubbish thing like aditya said and concentrate on your goodwill many rohiet will come who can make your chaddi wet. Mr saiket you should say thanx to the god we haven't taken any harsh step towards you and your site. So think before when you speak .

5 Years ago by Anshul (Neutral)
today i have cancelled my order and intiated it. for it i thanx and the owner Saiket atleast if they cant ship your product they will refund you back. I have communicated with them regularly and they will take time be patient be in touch with the owner. I have ordered Micromax canvas 2 0n 9/4 but it was not in their stock so they have intiated the refunding process. it wil take time to reflect back in your acount. i got the email and hope i get my money soon....
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Look Mr.Aditya you are constantly increasing these type of nonsense,I deal with cc-avenue & I have agreement with,how can you know they pay us after 3-4 days, If you can you prove it We received your payment after 3-4 days & we dint refund & as far as refund is concerned it is done by cc avenue & bank,It is their fault they did it or not.

Mr. Rohiet you ordered from our site,I never misbehaved with you.Micromax Canvas HD was late from manufacturer,even If you had killed me it was impossible for everyone to deliver you,now many ppl is getting their mobile,I have proof of it,and I can show you for how much Micromax is providing us canvas HD,it's not worth what we were selling for,they dint keep promise,what is the big deal in that,we almost sold 100-200 pieces of Micromax canvas 2 & Micromax canvas HD,you will find hand full of ppl maximum 3-5 ppl who have time for this type of comment,everybody know it was late,we are now shipping products & other ppl are getting it,if you pressurize someone constantly then these things happen.And about you are saying us thief,,,,,,,,,,that is sir totally unfair,firstly I refunded your 550 as soon we knew it going to be late,secondly when you again paid 13990,we even took amount from cc avenue kept it their un-till refund,if it got late that is their & your banks fault,not mine,If your amount was with me & i was not doing transfer then you could say me something,otherwise this is completely unfair.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Mr.Aditya Still you are not mentioning your Order ID ???????????????????????????


last week 10 orders we got for Canvas a110 ,9 out of 10 orders had fraud alert from cc-avenue & most of the customers were not willing to submit documents.

We are trying to be good with ppl that doesn't mean you will say anything & we will not reply.

I am coming to a public forum & commenting on every concern but apart from you we never seen such harsh behavior from anyone,even Mr.rohiet complained but he dint use the language you are using.

Tell me your order id if you have one,if any problem still there tell me we will reslove it with few hours..........
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
order id: 4339 lova raju Delivered booked canvas Hd
order id: 4303 Anurag Sharma Delivered booked canvas Hd
Order Id:3838 tushar khair Delivered booked canvas Hd
Order Id:3719 chintan sanghvi Delivered booked canvas Hd
Order Id:3647 Rajwinder Kaur Delivered booked canvas Hd
Order Id:2991 shivaranjan manila Delivered booked canvas Hd
Order Id:4350 kunal sharma Delivered booked canvas Hd

These are just few examples who booked Canvas Hd on & got delivery & even they booked it for 13990/-
I can give more like that,If anyone need any information of them contact us,we don't want to disclose their
personal contact numbers here

Late late late late late that is what happened nothing else,and this happened to not only us but everyone in India

So please stop this Thread no one had any intention of fooling customers or making them wait,things just happen & everyone has to face it together,what is the point in pressuring and arguing like this.Apart from Micromax HD & 2 every product ppl book on our site get shipped with-in maximum 24 what is the point of doing such things.
5 Years ago by kunal sharma (Disagree)
I ordered,they made me wait for long time but I got my mobile,Mr. Saikat was really supportive & friendly,at first I also din't trust them but in fact they delivered me.Micromax was really out of market & I was tired of waiting,at last I got my delivery............
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
" you have cheated all your customers "

Last two comments in this thread are for Mr.rohiet who said the above quotation

Sir if I dint got Canvas HD Still now I am commenting on this public forum in front of everyone I can still give you one &
for same price which you booked but after this Sunday only,And you pay only after delivery,I have nothing
wrong with you.

5 Years ago by Rohiet (Agree)
Mr saikat , i really appreciate this and even we doesn't have any thing wrong for you and for your company , it was just we had raised our voice against the wrong committment , due to which each one of us had suffered. I will definately waiting for my micromax HD and this time Saiket i will not follow for the product, now it will be your committment to deliver the product to me timely, i will pay once i receives the good.
5 Years ago by aditya (Agree)
I will not shop again from chipkart. Seriously I always shop tension free from big names like flipkart infibeam etc etc.... I had never called their customer no idea what's gang on....sometime they say ur order is shipped and sometime they say ur order is not shipped and saikat u r too big lair...after all we get refund after some days...bullshit website....ohh I am good with my trusted website.....u too know if i give proof publicly people will laugh on don't force me..I have talk to ccavenue customer care...not only u deal with ccavenue many website deals with it...they said it only take 2-3 days...and everyone can talk to them just send mail or talk to them and why you take orders if you have to refund the amount...this is out of everyone minds..
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
Ordered canvas 2 from infibeam shipped within 24 hrs and got in 3 days wwooww that's the service...and this bullshit man telling me ccavenue pbr......go to hell with ur website ..I'll even never shit on this website....
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
Better guys pay on delivery....that will be good...let make him the commitment ...
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Look This guy still din't reveal his order Id....................

Nothing else to say
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
i have booked the order on 4th april for micromax a116 hd with full payment
but today is 20th april i didn't receive my product and i am suffer allot although they have shipped but they have exceeded the limit of time which was 15 days so i cant wait more now i can tell u u very bad and horrible experience bec i have requested them before to deliver it before 14 i have to gift to my bhabhi but i lost
tell me now when i will get my phone

Order ID: #5093
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
Mr. Saiket plz solve varun pbr...ship his product or refund his money...see this is yours service.....I have to say nthng my case you have told that my product is dispatched but you have told fooled me thousand times.......wht the customer get after 15-20 days is refund....poor service and poor business
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
this is the tracking number which is mentioning on there website for my product ...and they have placed it on 17 april but when ever i copy this number and i put it on first flight courier tracking bar but nothing has come out so just lie and lie and lie N06147159
5 Years ago by sandeep (Neutral)
same problem with me varun tracking number not showing status
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Varun & Sandeep don't worry we have dispatched almost everyone's a116,the problem is huge orders were there,track id will be activated shortly,We will not refund anyone who want the product,look brothers I am also like you ppl just started a business in first time in life,sometimes when customers keep pressurizing us we panic & we refunded them,his all happened from inexperience,but you can't say we are not improving.
Two year back I bought something from,they din't even reply me for almost 20 days,then one day called me & told product not in stock,they din't even cash refund me,they gave me same amount gift voucher,so I had to buy something from the,this is not a story,but last year one of my friend bought one laptop from them,they delivered in three days.

Varun & Sandeep If you have any doubt contact me I will give you scan copy of courier receipt.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Again Aditya you are arguing,I every-time openly admitted that there was problem with Micromax canvas,so what is the point of continuing this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5 Years ago by sandeep (Neutral)
k thank u send copy of courier receipt sir
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
listen i cant wait much if i cant get my phone till Tuesday than refund my money i cant wait a month and stop telling the story i am not at all interested and this is the last msg i am typing to inform you about it okay send me the damn phone and sorry i am not like others i am a lawyer and my father to and he is working in a high court i cant wait much bec before today he was not aware but when today i was typing the msg on before he saw me and straightly he asked me to file a lawsuit so is good for you to give me my money or phone before Tuesday
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
and if you have shipped it thanit must take 3-4 days maximum but today is 4th day now you tell me how much more time i need to wait
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
OK Look your phone will reach you on Friday or Saturday, if you want I can refund you. Look brother you never asked me to refund you ,there is no problem with refund, all knew & everyday We are openly saying we will be late late, so there is point in telling lies, I don't know what is wrong but why are talking about lawsuit & these things. I don't know what you think us but look these problem is only going on with Micromax canvas & we are admitting we will be late,if we tell ppl we will refund as we will late they threat us by saying no don't refund take your time & now then we are getting late you again tell us law suit,what is going on man.

Reply me back if you want refund we will do it instantly.

And remember we are only getting late in one product & no one can claim he not getting refund if he asked for it. You will only find maximum 4-5 ppl who have such spare time write blogs about who is telling lie.

Look yaar ppl can get late,You are a lawyer or not that doesn't concern me, look if you are not satisfied & can't wait tell us to refund & tell what we can do for you for wasting for 15 days,we will do!


5 Years ago by Lova raju (Neutral)
Guys please be patient,I waited few days & got the mobile,same thing happened with me,I was given track id it was not showing,after few days it showed status but after it was moving at all for at-least 2-3 days,when I called first flight courier they said requested to sent it back,i informed Mr.saikat, he at-once gave number of first courier from where it was booked,he sent a scan a scan copy also,after making a complain first flight delivered me next day,so this is how first flight is doing things,at first I was little worried as well.
I don't blame them for that.take a look at my track id on first flight courier : N06147897,first flight took 4 days to reach kolkata from Guwahati.
I wish them best of luck whatever you say,they need to improve but they are trying & that is what matter most
5 Years ago by Agrima (Neutral)
Mine is not even a mxm canvas hd.. its a Canvas 2!
Booked on 5th and was told that i will be delivered on 11th but i have not yet recieved my product!
You guys are fraud!
Order no 5110 :/
5 Years ago by Agrima (Agree)
Reply Chipkart!
When do i now expect you to deliver my phone?
5 Years ago by sandeep (Agree)
when track id will activate plz reply chipkart its already 5days are over from day u gave track id
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
5 Years ago by sandeep (Agree)
sir reply to my request plz
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Sandeep I am trying to get in touch with them,but today is Sunday so I can inform you in the morning only,try to reach me on my e-mail,then I can reply to your query properly.
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
i have requested for the refund on 10/04/2013 but after half an hour i have talk to the customer care person he said i will get my phone by 14 or maximum by 15 that's why i have waited and said ok i can wait but hahahahha today is 21 and idont have my phone i am just digesting everything bec i believe them and i am still believing but stop playing with my patience i am not so good in that

5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Varun you can't imagine how much anxiety we are in,that is just bcz we care about their amount & they have paid us to deliver the product but we were not able to keep the promise but think we are also in problem as we have paid in advance & they were not delivering in due time,tell me brother where we should go & complaint.
I am not saying we are doing great but at-least I am trying to come out here & try to address everyone's problem.
We will serve you better in future............
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
okay but make it sure i will recieve my phone maximum by saturday ok if stll you have some problem than refund the money bec i am very least interested with this ok please this time do it
5 Years ago by Meritor (Agree)
As you are claiming that phones are in stock now.
Can you please update me on status?

My order details:
Order ID: #5944
Date Added: 17/04/2013

P.S: This is just for your information.
You have written order ID and names of your customer.
You have not mentioned in you privacy policy whether you may use data submitted on your website in a public forum. You can not use customers data (even only the name and the product he/she purchased) in Public forum, unless specified in your Privacy Policy.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Right What you said...............
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)

I was expecting answer on my order status.

5 Years ago by (Neutral)
oh sorry checking and updating you.................
5 Years ago by sandeep (Agree)
its almost 7days over still track id is not activate what the hell is this ?
is it the problem with u or problem with firstflight ?
5 Years ago by varun (Agree)
listen every body the owner of chipkart ,he is least interested about your problem ok so i will suggest you contact that person and confirm it as soon as possible for your product because i have purchased micromax a116 hd on 4th april and on 17 they have updated my account and given the shipment details but as 23 .... my phone and money is no where so enjoy being TORTURE
5 Years ago by Ashis Kyal (Neutral)
I have ordered an transcend pendrive for 219 (Order ID: #5935) on 16.4.13 and accroding to your website the item was shipped on 18.4.13 and till date i have not got any Tracking ID nor i have got my product.
If the product has been originally shipped then tell me which courier company takes so much Ages to deliver a courier?
I think that this is a fraud site…..
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
I am constantly in touch with Varun,he is constantly mailing me & and i am replying him,I said him if we are getting late then please take it from local market & tell me I will give you extra amount if it is higher than our price,then he said he can get it for 14500.- so he needs refund,I said OK I will do it,now what the hell is going on here brother,why do you comment like that,who in the hell is going to reply you at 1 am night personally,but I do,still he comment like that,my inbox is showing almost 150 conversation between him & I,

SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly We called Mr .Ashis Kyal almost five times yesterday,even today evening 3-4 times about his delivery,he dint pickup the call nor even called back,din't even called our customer service a single time ,We sent delivery boy for hand delivery but no reply over phone so order duly canceled & refunded him,I think there is a old saying you know
"when a elephant fall in deep trap even mosquitoes come & try to kick him"

5 Years ago by Rahul Sharma (Neutral)
Good Job Mr.owner but improve dear
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
Cheater .....if you are not having product in stock then why you are taking customer money....just paste not available in stock.....why are you cheating customer........a very big liar owner of the comapany Saiket bardhan.....he always tell lie and playing with customers money....what you have written in website is completely wrong and making fool of customers....just refund their money or ship their product.....dont test patience of customers....if they will go to consumer forum then it will be complete a shutdown of your business OK ...... .......Just improve your business man ...improve your customer care......customer care of your company just sucks.....horrible expierence....thts why this list will grow more and more..because of your bullshit will be never make your place in market if you make customers fool ...remember that customers are the best advertisement of the company.......i hope you will understand it well soon.....inspite of your bullshit theory of less supply of canvas phone...i got phone from infibeam in 3 days......dont make theory of CCAvenue ......customers are not fool........they can talk to CCavenue customer care to knw my case how many times you told me my product is dispatched but at last i got my refund....
5 Years ago by Aditya (Agree)
A company not able to deliver a pen drive on time....then i think.... this is a very good website for shoping...poor chipkart...
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Aditya What is your problem man,If you can prove we get amount as soon as customer pays then I will never comment here again,How do you know we are able to deliver pen-drive or not !!!!!! he dint even response when ppl went for delivery so what to do.Look I can give original copy of cc-avenue account statement in public,when they are paying us & when they are refunding customers after request from,everyday we had to followup up with cc-avenue for refund even 7-8 days after generating refund for customers,they are big name in market so they can not do anything wrong,just because we are new & had one wrong deal we are wrong in every aspect this ridiculous man.

Man stop this non-sense.......list nice....follow-up from first post.......count you will find mere 4-5 ppl,even they have stopped commenting as we confessed our fault & tried to make it right.
5 Years ago by Rahul Sharma (Neutral)
Guys give these guys a break,they are just a new start-up......everyone has flaws even names in market.......but they are coming out in public & confessing,this is appreciating really,I also dint got canvas HD from them and as soon as I told them they initiated the refund & I had to follow up with CC-avenue 5-6 days for getting my money back to my account.

Best of luck for for future..................................
5 Years ago by varun (Neutral)
listen you Mr. i have given u a lot of respect and time .

now listen every body he is not doing anything for anybody and he is fake too . reason is ,if i booked micromax a116 hd on 4th april 2013 after that i thought i will get the in coming 4-5 days ,but they have shipped it on 17th april and today is 24th april so Mr. owner of chipkart now you tell me where is my phone and where is my money and you never said ,that you will pay back the money more than i pay for purchase of my product i am waiting for my money which he has promised me to return it in 48 hours maximum let see what he will do
5 Years ago by kunal sharma (Neutral)
Enough yaar stop it.................getting really bad now................ these guys have apologized many times & said canvas HD will be what's the big deal is getting really ugly............this is not how to treat anyone.....
5 Years ago by Rohiet (Agree)
Hello guys i agree with kunal, see i have the one who initiate this blog , the reason to start this blog was that i felt chipkart cheated to me and Should teach a lesson to Mr Chipkart that he will not repeat this act with any other but i was not known that many of us are facing the same problem, but by seeing all post i agreed that all of us who has delt with Mr Chipkart are full of anger, but guys see the other part also being a new entarant in the market and stuck up with micromax company who even doesn't know how to tackle the unexpected demand they got from the market.It is very easy to blame anybody but atleast Mr Chipkart admitted his mistake publically atleast now we should support him and wait for getting our product.I know its very easy to say but trust me guys will not get anything from out of this, so i request you all to be have a little bit patience ,let Mr chipkart do his duty peacefully.
5 Years ago by when did u come (Disagree)
i have booked the order on 21st april for ddr 3 pc rams 4 nos. hd with full payment through online banking but today is 24th april i didn't receive my product and i am suffer allot although they have shipped but they have exceeded
tell me now when i will get my rams

Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT706
Order ID: #6051
Date Added: 21/04/2013

Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT707
Order ID: #6052
Date Added: 21/04/2013

Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT708
Order ID: #6053
Date Added: 21/04/2013

Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT709
Order ID: #6054
Date Added: 21/04/2013
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)

As per your last post you were checking details of my order and about to update me, right?

"2 Days ago by (Neutral)
oh sorry checking and updating you................."

May I request you to please update on this?

My order details:
Order ID: #5944
Date Added: 17/04/2013
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Meritor bhai app ko kiya batao,samaj hi to rahe he app,next week apko milega yaar,if you wait please wait,we need little co-operation.but apko hum nirash nahi karenge agar wait karte ho to.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
server is down guys,no need to worry,we bare trying to solve the problem within few hours
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Well.. Well.. Well...
You have promised that stock is now available, why cant you ship that?

>"we need little co-operation.but apko hum nirash nahi karenge agar wait karte ho to."

I am ready to co-operate. What I expect is regular updates. When I say regular update, please mention date-time as well. So that we can trace.

See.. I neither favor your existing customers, who are creeping about your service, nor you who claims to be genuine seller.

If you are a genuine seller, I would happy to shop from your site again.
This is just to inform you that, I really dont like to abuse, shout, speak slang.
Therefore, if you are one of those internet fraudulent, my lawyer will talk to you in legal terms.

Even after reading all comments, I placed an order on keeping faith on you. If my faith found broken, you may have to pay for it.

I wish I dont have to go for any such action.

- Your faithful customer

5 Years ago by Ashis Kyal (Disagree)
Sorry to say but i totally disagree with you as i have not received any call today and now i have checked my call log and there is no missed call from unknown number also.
Plz don'e lie in this case and if the item has been shipped then give traking number atleast
5 Years ago by Ashis Kyal (Disagree)
When did u send the delivery boy for hand delivery ?
and if u have sent then why the product was delivered unreturned?
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Look there is no question of genuine or fraud,We have already delivered Canvas HD 116 to almost 80 % of pre-booking customers,And other orders are shipped daily & delivered duly in time,even at the time of canvas 2 we were little-bit late but we said a fixed date to customer & at that date we delivered,here in case of canvas HD we gave promise two -three times & could not deliver in time,so I think this is why people is little-bit angry, But still you will not find too much people who is really complaining now,actually at first all calls were not answered,e-mails were not replied in time,even few wrong information was given to customers,and even I panicked when given words were not possible to keep,so I was even ignoring few calls,so like Mr.rohiet became angry & started this blog,after that we realized & as it was bit of experience also for me,we discussed between us,after that I think we have improved a little,calls are answered properly(although lack of PBX system ppl find our line busy sometimes),emails replied as soon as possible,even we started calling customers whose orders were pending,explained the situation & those who asked for refund we initiated instantly...I am keeping constant watch on blogs over the internet,even though we know customer care is not up-to standard,even we are starting cash-on-deliver in most of cities in India ( tied up with third parties who will do that for us) very soon.So I don't think our service standards will go down,surely it will go up, at least we are trying to upgrade,but only customers can judge whether we are improving or not,so we will welcome feedback whatever they may be good or bad,But I will definitely expect good feedback & working in that direction.

Call Us on 07308595384 or 0381-230-7890
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Ashish even I personally called you yesterday evening at around 6-7 in the evening,check your log
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
@Ashish Anyway sorry for the misunderstanding,right now server is down & we are working on it,check back later here........
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Nice to hear such good words from you.
As I mentioned earlier, what we need is regular updates.
If you keep updating us on our order. we are happy to shop from

By the day, I am still awaiting on my order status.
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
typo on my above post:
Read: by the way.. instead of by the day
5 Years ago by Ashis kyal (Disagree)
Sir, I have checked my call log and there was no missed call from any number so I request you to check my number again 9153288825 and I did not get any mail regarding cancelletion of my order atleast a mail should be sent to inform me.
I don't have any intention to prove you wrong in anyways
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Sir next week I mean next Tuesday or Wednesday we are hoping to deliver you not pieces which are coming it has leather pouch with that as per manufacturer's Information,tommorow when receive it I will inform everyone................
5 Years ago by Vikas2389 (Disagree)
I have also booked the same mobile during same period ( paid full amount) as mentioned in the complaint, but haven't received it in time. Later on I requested for refund and got the 100% .
In my case, I always tried to contact through mail and almost got the reply within few minutes.
If the reason for delay in delivery is analysed properly, it is only for Micromax 116. So the major problem is from Micromax, not from chipkart.
You will find similar type of complaints for the same mobile for other online shopping sites also.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Good news guys !!!! Next week ( I mean the week starting from tomorrow,28 April) it seems like everyone's misery is coming to an end.......ours & yours..........
5 Years ago by Gaurang Khot (Agree)
04/04/2013 - paid for the product - 7-9 days delivery they said..
16/04/2013 - Shipped - as per them
17/-22/ - no information about the product where it has reached ?
Chipkart worst service on top of that they use useless firstflight (hopeless of all)
26/04/2013 - After days of frustration i asked Mr. Saiket (Owner/Admin) to refund my money ...
The best thing about chipkart is they refund your money...
My suggestion to others - get refund and buy mobile from local stores or pay 1000 rs more and get it from Flipkart
5 Years ago by Gaurang Khot (Agree)
I ordered Canvas HD from Ebay (power seller from Bangalore) on 26th April i got it today 28th April. - choice is yours.....
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Good to listen from that my product will be dispatched by Monday, 28.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
We delivered to almost 30-50 ppl before 10 th this march when everyone was out of stock,it can happen.....but it doesn't mean it will happen every time,few will always be there to criticize you......even they will always try to prove you wrong............
no matter this is all part of life,good bad happens to ppl,But The main thing is we have found there are always few ppl who will stand by your side & support you,this is all matters most.
5 Years ago by aditya (Agree)
chipkart website is useless.....waste of time and money...
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
How nice social service
5 Years ago by siddharth (Disagree)
Chipkart rocks,i ordered one Microsoft mouse & got delivery just after one day..............great keep it up
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Any update on my order?
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
sir it is dispatched,check account for track id.
5 Years ago by VISHWAS SHINDE (Neutral)

5 Years ago by (Neutral)
yeah almost everyone's order Shipped
5 Years ago by vishwas shinde (Agree)
bus aub or 2 din wait karnahey..

5 Years ago by Rakesh (Neutral)
Thank you I got my Canvas HD today morning
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Not yet received.
Though I've got tracking number, first flight site gives me below message since last Tuesday.

"For Details...N06147225.
Contact Our Customer Service"

Not sure what to do now.
5 Years ago by Ajay (Neutral)
This means your product was not dispatched yet and you don't have to contact first flight customer service , you have to contact chipkart they are making fool of you..
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Dear Sir check tomorrow evening,it will be activated,check with first flight courier Agartala office,they promised us to deliver all by Tuesdays,call them & ask,take us in conference,I will take responsibility,don't make such over smart comment,tracking id takes time to get active,everyone knows that,may be only you don't know.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
last Tuesday it was not shipped,only pre-generated CN no was allotted for the shipment, by thrush day we gave all Micromax canvas HD to them, Friday was some local holiday.
Now wait & see what happens,I will wait & see how many ppl comment here after they get delivery.
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Okay.. then.. I'll wait one more day.
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
My tracking ID is not activated yet.
My order details:
Order ID: #5944
Date Added: 17/04/2013
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
vishwas shinde got delivery today morning,I requested him to give a comment here but nothing,i knew it.
5 Years ago by Minoo Avari (Agree)
My account was debited for order No. 5912 for Micromax 116 HD phone on 16th April 2013. Finally after lots of email one Saikat said it is shipped buy First Flight Courier service. The courier number N06147226 is not traceable and First Flight say they have no such number. What is this? Is Mr. Saikat running a scam operation? I want full refund and don't want to deal with Chipkart anymore. Now the Chipkart website does not have the refund section opening up.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
site is not opening its not my fault,everybody is is visiting the site,if they can reach the page why cant you,there are clearly given return option in our site,you can raise a request from there,look at here,everyone got their mobile,even who started this blog,first flight courier don't update their id & tell ppl like that,there are incident that tracking ids are not activated & product got delivered.anyway I will refund you now & don't want to deal with you,when you ordered to some one than you have to trust you.
5 Years ago by vishwas shinde (Neutral)
thank u chipkart

for giving my canvas hd

im very happy..
5 Years ago by Rohiet (Neutral)
Thanx chipkart for keeping ,your words. I started this blog on 6-04-2013 and it took more than onemonth to get justice , thanx every one who has supported this blog because of which today finaly i gof my canvas HD .
Getting track id not activated on first flight site was not the chipkart fault, being in the city called Agartala the network of. First flight was poor due to which it took time. Same case was happened to me, as per FF courier my profuct was dispaatched on 30. April and deivered on 7 may.
So guys be patient.
Thanx chipkart once again for the executing your words..

Regards Rohiet
5 Years ago by vishwas shinde (Agree)
Ya Rohiet u r right..

5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
I ordered my phone on 17-April-2013. I got delivery on 7 May.2013 i.e after 20 days. Chipkart has mentioned the same on its website with big red colored bold letters.

HOWEVER, had make one false statement. Today is 9-May-2013 when I scroll up this page I have found couple of comments by which I m putting here again.
"2 Weeks ago by (Neutral)
Sir next week I mean next Tuesday or Wednesday we are hoping to deliver you not pieces which are coming it has leather pouch with that as per manufacturer's Information,tommorow when receive it I will inform everyone................"

1 Week ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Any update on my order?

1 Week ago by (Neutral)
sir it is dispatched,check account for track id.

3 Days ago by (Neutral)
last Tuesday it was not shipped,only pre-generated CN no was allotted for the shipment, by thrush day we gave all Micromax canvas HD to them, Friday was some local holiday.
Now wait & see what happens,I will wait & see how many ppl comment here after they get delivery.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Any Sir you got delivery,I am happy
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
You also confirmed that you got leather cover which came free with set
5 Years ago by Rohiet (Neutral)
So saiket, you have become a popular man after this blog !!! So you should say thanx to everybody who has put there efforts to make you popular...Cheers !!!!
5 Years ago by Mukul (Neutral)
5 Years ago by Lelesh Sharma (Neutral)
inally today at 5.00 P.M. Ii received the consignment..
I appreciate your support and continuous correct feedback as and when required
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
I booked an RAM on 21/4/2013,
shipped on 3/5/2013. When i looked into the detail item was shipped through First Flight Courier.Till now I have not received the item…nd my tracking id it shows nothing, DEAR SAIKAT bhai im very much disappointed vth ur service, i request u to deliver my product bhai… My Consinment number on first flight is : N06147260 n oder id is #6055.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Don't worry one or two days you will receive the item,unfortunately first flight is providing very bad service,their consignment number don't even show status,after this we are changing couriers & already partnered with blue-dart,near future I hope these errors will not happen again.
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
@ chipkart...
k but Tuesday will b the last day of me waiting... after dat also if it wont come means i need u to refund my money back..
5 Years ago by Chipkart (Neutral)
yes sure
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
Tuesday had finished bhai.. wat hpn till now no consignment received nor tracking id activated...
5 Years ago by Chipkart (Neutral)
ok then I will refund you today only......................................
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
Ok.. i paid through credit card...
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
will i get any msg or mail from chipkart dat u refund my money back...
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
And y u kept ur mobile number wen u dont want to lift the calls from the customers...(I am the founder of site,please contact me if you have any me 08974157707)... Y
5 Years ago by Chipkart (Neutral)
praveen ji sorry but i get lots of call whole day so generally i don't pickup unknown calls,please sms me before calling
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
Fine bhai... So vil i get any msg or mail from ur website regarding refund of my amount ?
5 Years ago by Chipkart (Neutral)
tomorrow only
5 Years ago by Praveen (Neutral)
@ saikat...
wat happen i didn't get any msg or mail regarding refund...
5 Years ago by Rahul (Neutral)
So Mr Saikat, Are you still delivering it within 5-7 days?
5 Years ago by Rahul (Neutral)
hope to
5 Years ago by Rahul (Disagree)
Well Mr. Saikat, your hopes are shattering someone's dreams.
5 Years ago by saikat (Neutral)
I will look into the matter seriously
5 Years ago by Rahul (Disagree)
Saikat, extremely disappointed with your service. Rather than looking into the matter 'seriously', I m not sure if you are even looking into it. It is not my problem that your website is down and you are not able to get the data. I've already given you relevant proofs that I have paid the money and haven't received anything from you. Either you sue your ISP or I'll sue you for this.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
5 Years ago by Rahul (Neutral)
How long do you expect me to wait then?
5 Years ago by aditya (Agree)
guys Saiket always try to fool like server is down or first flight service is much u fool the customers.....?
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Shut up aditya,it looks like you have lots of spare time to poke people,i kept my promise look from above,you are one who is fraud who cant say even your order id till now,so please try to do something meaning full,i can understand people like you will be always there,so don't really bother about that.
5 Years ago by Meritor (Neutral)
Chipkart is not a fraud site.
I had ordered MMX Canvas HD. You may scroll up and see my comments.
Right now I am HAPPY with the product delivered.
I have to agree that Mr. S.D sometimes does not speak truth to the customer. It may be just because he does not want to loose them. He keeps everyone promising that the product will be delivered soon (without specific timeline) with a fear in his mind that if he does not; he may loose the customer.
I genuinely feel that he is NOT a fraud. I think he needs to read some good eCommerce and management books to cope up with increasing orders.
Wish you all the best...!!
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
thanks meritor for your support,i will definitely keep your suggestion in mind
5 Years ago by Hemant (Neutral)
Chipkart has deducted Rs. 1000 in refunded amount even though they are trying to defending themgselves as genuine.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Wish you all the best,really like to see you go on top
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
i wish all
5 Years ago by Hemant (Neutral)
@Saket: Whatever our conversation, it is over 2 weeks and I did not get transaction Id and return amount details. If you are genuine that why do you need that much time. Proof your self by your work not be verbally..
5 Years ago by Rahul (Disagree)
This is what's Refund Policy says - " If is unable to deliver the purchased product with-in 15 days from the day of purchase, customer will get the full amount in cash to account of customer & will provide special 10 % discount on his next purchase from, discounted amount will be provided through gift voucher with-in 48 hrs."; but still this guy has deducted Rs.1000/- from my refund. Is this still not a fraud?
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
faulty service ob behalf on processing company,not our fault,anyway i will return the amount through neft
5 Years ago by Amit Gupta (Disagree)
Below is my order which I had cancelled after Chipkart's web server crashed down. I am awaiting the refund amount. As per my conversation with your customer service, the refund should have been credited to my account yesterday, 11th June, 2013. Please update me on the refund status soon.

Order ID: #6251
Status: Invoice Generated
Date Added: 10/05/2013
Products: 1
Customer: Amit Gupta
Total: Rs.14,179

5 Years ago by Hemant (Disagree)
@Saket: Still I did not get my money back.. tell me on which date are you transferring my money?
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
hemant I am doing it tomorrow surely,late bcz server was down
5 Years ago by Rahul (Disagree)
Same in my case Saikat. When am I suppose to receive the NEFT transaction.. May b next year at your speed??
5 Years ago by Hemant (Disagree)
Saket, what do you mean by tomorrow? As per your commitment, I supposed to get money on Saturday but still I am waiting for it. I don't think so NEFT required more than one day for transferring money. Even it is not required much process.
5 Years ago by Rahul (Disagree)
This guy is a complete liar and fraud.
5 Years ago by Hemant (Neutral)
@Saket: When are you planning to return money?
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Rahul its very easy for your side to accuse someone & put wrong things,but problem happened & still now there is not a single case that problem was not solved,you know what is problem,i have come out in public & trying to solve the issues we are having,that is why you can comment like that,same issue things happen else where also,but you can't call their owner & can.t argue with them or behave like this,only option is to call customer care.
try to read the full blog top to bottom,then you will understand it was solved or not.............................else behavior is upto you
5 Years ago by Mukul (Neutral)
i agree with saikat,it is nice to have you in public forum,great courage to do this & share mobile number in public,keep up the fine work,you will definitely reach the sky
5 Years ago by Hemant (Neutral)
@Saket: I did not get answer of my question?
5 Years ago by Hemant (Disagree)
@Mukul: We are not here to see courage of sharing mobile number in public. We are here because we are cheated by merchant either by not delivering a product or did not refund money. If you have so much believe on Saket, so pay my refund money from your pocket and take money from Saket on behalf of me.

@Saket: I did not see any comment on my refund. Tell me exact date.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
hemant mail us your account details with neft code,whatever amount you had in balance we will transfer it.
5 Years ago by Hemant (Neutral)
@Saket: I have sent account details in mail along with total pending amount. I hope this time you would transfer money soon.
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
Yes Hemant I will surely
5 Years ago by Hemant (Neutral)
@Saket: Tell me date...
5 Years ago by Hemant (Disagree)
@Saket: How many more days u needed for transferring money?
5 Years ago by (Neutral)
tomorrow only
5 Years ago by Hemant (Disagree)
@saket: You will return my money or not? Tell me...
5 Years ago by Hemant (Disagree)
Mr Fraud how many more days u needed? Refund my money as soon as possible otherwise I will take legal action against you..
5 Years ago by hemant (Disagree)
Some People who are saying that Saket is not fraud but this guy did not return my money in 4 months, what they should say about him now.
5 Years ago by (Disagree)
Hemant you got the refund but only 100o rs was deducted by bank due to some wrong method of their,i told you i will do neft transfer,what kind of fraud transfers 13000 out of 14000 & get bad comments for mere 1000. i was really ill,do one thing if any one have still any refund issue than inform me by e-mail immediately, if any fault is there from our side i will resolve the issue immediately . guys please remember i am also a human being so i can get sick also,
5 Years ago by Lelesh Sharma (Neutral)
saikat I appreciate you really for running a online site from that far corner of the country,do one thing open a branch anywhere in central india,then only you can server ppl efficiently .
5 Years ago by hemant (Disagree)
Give me a reason why I should not put comment here? You did not refund my full money in 4 months. And many times you had given commitment to me but you not stuck to your comments. I sent an account details to you again. This time I don't want any comment like 'tomorrow' instead Refund Rs 1163/-.
4 Years ago by raj vinay (Disagree)
i had booked a micromax gc 222 phone on 27th of july and your person told me that you people dont have stock of the phone on 1st of august, so then i asked you people to refund me my cash back and you just sent me a mail saying that cash will be refunded and waited for atleast 20 days and called up everyday regarding the refund. But later on you people requested me that there is some problem with the refund so asked me to order some thing els within that,.2150 rs. so i ordered nokia bluetooth headset BH-217 (2 nos) and when i received the product i was shocked to see that the product you have sent is used and it is a duplicate of nokia with no accessories and a duplicate charger as well. hense i m asking you to take return the product you have sent and refund me the cash. MY ORDER NUMBER IS 6589.
4 Years ago by Kirti (Neutral)
Bakwas site..I have ordered Micromax phone its around 20 days now phone not delivered. Everyday i called the person says its dispatched but not yet recived. Today i called and the person said not dispatched as its not in stock..

4 Years ago by Saikat (Neutral)
Mr hemanta we have already transferred your amount,i hope you will be honest enough to atleast comment after getting refund
4 Years ago by Kirti (Neutral)
I have initiated today for refund lets see how many days this guys takes to refund the amount. They havent delivered product in 15 days.

If they dont have product in stock why they are not written OUT OF STOCK, instead of this they are taking money from people and then troubling them by not delivering product.

1st time worst experience in online shopping.
They should stop this site.
Please dont Purchase anything from this site.
4 Years ago by Abhik (Neutral)
I got My Micromax X272 in three days,pretty good service i felt,may be inexperience giving them trouble.
encourage them instead of stop criticising only.
4 Years ago by bipul (Neutral)
Saikat is very gentle & helpful guy,when I told him about my issue,he initiated refund instantly,thanks anyway
4 Years ago by gaurav (Agree)
Pls let me know status of order no 7576.
Really very worst exp with this site. Customer care no is not working.
4 Years ago by Kirti (Neutral)
Order ID is 7264... Please tell me the status.
Customer care no is not working. When product will delivered.
4 Years ago by Kirti (Neutral)
Its more than two weeks...still no update on status of Refund.

When you will refund my amount? Not receiving calls, not replying on mails....what the hell is going on
4 Years ago by Kirti (Neutral)
Hello CHOR people.

My order ID is : 7264

Literally I am calling CHOR as you deserve this. You are not receiving the call and not replying on mails.
Its almost one month I have raised for refund 8991 is not a small amount that you are not refunding it.

If the same is goin on I have to take some leagal action.

4 Years ago by Vignesh (Neutral)
Dear Mr. Saikat Bhardan,
Please find below my order details and my concerns

1. Order No. # 8003, dt. 02.10.2013 (1 Product)

 Samsung Guru E1207T : 2 Nos.

2. Order No. # 7991, dt. 01.10.2013 (2 Products)
 Maxx Mx151turbo : 6 Nos.

 Samsung Guru E1207T : 6 Nos.

I am a very small shopkeeper from Hyderabad, A.P; I have purchased these products from you for my business. During ordering stage in online the delivery period mentioned as 3-4 days, so I have ordered the above two orders through online in chipkart on 1st & 2nd October 2013 respectively. But I am scared to see that my order is not yet shipped till date (since 10 days) from the date of ordering. I am not satisfied with the response from your customer care executives on the shipping status over telephone calls and even through my emails to them & to you; I am just receiving the auto reply mails which are of futile.

Your customer care executives are responding to my calls some times, but giving childish information on the status of my orders and action taken. I understand that there are only a couple of people responding to these calls. Each of them don’t know about what they are promising to the customers because if one of them tells some information, the another tells some other information when called and asked alternatively.

Generally they won’t respond to the question what we are supposed to know, but they tell some gibberish stories to escape without answering my question, sometimes they simply reject the call in the middle of talking, this is not fair.

Really my experience with chipkart is unsatisfactory, which I never expected.

With this I understand that chipkart cannot deliver my product and cannot give me good support for my orders in future. I am not interested in your product. At this juncture, I request your good selves to please cancel my above orders and refund my amount back as per your company refund policy. I agree that due to my oversight I have ordered in chipkart without reading & knowing about the reviews / kind of services from chipkart.

My order value is Rs.14,500/- which I cannot spare to hold with your company to any further extent.

I kindly request your to look into this matter and resolve the issue, Please relive me from this frustration and wasting my time on chipkart.

Awaiting for the positive response from your end.

Thank you,
4 Years ago by Kirti (Neutral)
Hi Vgnesh,

Same happen with me also. Its around 45 Days now my product not delivered and also they havent refund. Everytime they are giving some stupid reasons. I am taking leagal action now
4 Years ago by rohiet (Agree)

m with you , when ever you put the case in legal you can add my case also against Mr saikat bugger...
4 Years ago by Vignesh (Agree)
Hi Kirti,

Even I have got no response from this chipkart till date. I am inline with your opinion.
4 Years ago by rohiet (Neutral)
M filling a case against these bastards already hired the advocate any body who is interested to file a case against these bastards do let me know..
4 Years ago by Sangeetha (Disagree)
text_new_invoice_no 616
Order ID: 8452
Date Added: 22/10/2013
I have ordered before 15days but still I did not receive my order. please refund me.
4 Years ago by Prateek Agarwal (Neutral)
Saikat bhai,

My Order Id 8498

Original Nokia Bluetooth Headphones

Order Value Rs. 1199/-

Order made on date 25/10/2013

I asked you to send me the item through speed post. You said you have sent it and will provide me the tracking id soon. You still haven't. Why?

Provide me the tracking Id. And the truth this time, please.
4 Years ago by Prateek Agarwal (Disagree)
Okay! I have had enough of this Saikat. We are all victims of this fraud website and its owner. Guys, join here to raise voice against him-

We CAN bring an end to this suffering.
4 Years ago by (Neutral)
@Zaeem Mukadam
Dear Mr. mukaddam your amount Rs.13069.0 refunded on Oct 3, 2013
transaction id : CCA13HWUH238
have some courtesy put some comments here that got the refund, at least do not misguide people
4 Years ago by (Neutral)
@ Vignesh
Dear Mr. vignesh First Flight Courier Service

your product is delivered, at least have courtesy & put some comments, we apologized for the delay, but you should also put comments that you received the prouct
4 Years ago by (Neutral)
@ Hemant
your amount was refunded way back
i have details & proof of transaction
please provide confirmation that received the refund,be honest sir, scam or telling lie about me will not gain you
extra money sir, we apologize for the delay & refunded you accordingly.please have some curtesy to comment here
4 Years ago by (Neutral)
You & I had enough conversation, I don't have anything against you,anyone can get misguided after seeing these liars please do me a favour by deleting the facebook page
4 Years ago by Test (Neutral)
A page to submit reviews for Chipkart -
4 Years ago by Prateek Agarwal (Disagree)
I didn't order from your website to have stupid conversations with you. Refund me my money or you'll suffer. You'll pay your career for this. The page remains and will remain until you come on the right track and refund us or the police shut your fraud company down. You make the choice, Saikat.
4 Years ago by Gridhar (Disagree)
"this seller is very prompt in taking order, and never send the product, and very good in cancellation and very promising for immediate refund, but never refunded my money even after one month. Very bad customer care , first of all no customer care, every thing one and only one person and 2 or 3 persons are handling this website. But in this site , their no sign of refunded, even after a month."

4 Years ago by RK (Disagree)
This seller is totally misguiding peoples they take orders even after confirmation that will send item within 2 days and after that Coustmer care ( Mr Vishal ) never answer that where is our package on there website they posted that Item order is packed but naver shows it sent to courier company and tracking number when we ask them to provide us tracking number they always says it's not updated . one more interesting thing I called owner of this Site Mr Saiket Bardhan on his mobile he never picked phone when I msg him he replied that Mr Vishal was telling you a lie your package was not sent and it will be sent by today or tomarrow ( on 9/dec/2013 ) now I am calling and msg him ( Saiket Bardhan ) to provide me a tracking number but he is not answering my call and SMS I am going to take legal action against them if anyone from Delhi wants to join with me I will be happy

4 Years ago by rohit (Neutral)
Dear RK ,
I must say you have to wait for another 4 months atleast to get your goods as i am still waiting,
this guy has the habbit to make fool of the customers, you are not the one there are many who are the sufferers of this crook...
If you wanna take legal action against him I am with you and I am the one who have started this blog..
Because seriously I want that this guy should get a good lesson so that he cannot make fool of there customers and enjoy the benefits with there money...
We should together raise the voice against such buggers and ask for the handsome amount against the humiliation and wastage of our time. We should put such person behind the BARSSSSS !!!!!....

Dear RK
i have all the chain mails , SMS , there customer care call recording , Mr Saikat call recording where he commits that he will deliver the goods but fails...
if you required i can share with you...

Dear Saikat,
You forced us to take such steps, because as earlier you have put my no. in blacklist now you are not reverting on mails also...
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
I ordered Asus DRW-24B5ST Internal Optical Drive from on 18th Nov 2013, through my credit card. Order no. 8765. It is more than 3 weeks now and still the product is not shipped. I am now demanding for a refund for the product. The customer service of chipkart doesn't function for me. I tried calling them some 4-5 times. All the time I hear only the recorded voice that they understand that my time is valuable and someone will attend my call. Eventually the call will get disconnected without anybody attending my call. Every time I get charged for the calls that I have made to chipkart. Utterly dissatisfied with the kind of customer service and they kind of business attitude that they demonstrate.
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
i wrote to chipkart to refund my money. 2 days gone and nobody from cheap chipkart replied me. Soon I will be raising a criminal complaint against to get my money. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend to stay away from this fraud company as they don't know the meaning of reputation. As a affected customer of them, I am now having pain in my back for choosing them. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CHIPKART.COM...!
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
I have raised a complaint against them. Ref. No: DOCAF/E/2013/02719
For those who are suffering from this fraudulent company, please trigger a complaint at the public grievance portal, marking department of consumer affairs.
I am sure that there will be governmental action against this company.
4 Years ago by (Neutral)
I say Mr. giridhar got his refund almost two months ago, someone may be copy paste this here, Prateek's product is shipped already, gipson i dont know about you,please provide me order id, i will solve it, and for Mr.rohit i will not say anything, i will answer him at right moment.this is wrong.
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
I already gave those details on this forum and over my continuous emails to chipkart. If those emails don't work, why do you have it and misguide us?

However, again my order no. is 8765, order date is Nov 18, ordered product is Asus DVD drive. I dont want the order to be processed after 30 days. As a new customer, your pathetic management has made me not to trust chipkart anymore. So the best thing you can do is process a complete refund of my money.

I will not stop until I find all my money spent in this regard, back at my account.
4 Years ago by Alby (Disagree)
Hi All,

My order id is 9154.
When i was trying to reach chipkart regarding my Order,
Atleast I have received few mails from following mail Ids for few days(I will resolve ur problem like that)

But today, m getting mailer-daemon reply.

Guys do some thing. Every one working hard to save some money to settle in life.. Dont be a cheater like this.

For all victims :

If u know this leave it.

Firefox has one add on

Please install this in ur system. Before u purchase get the ranking for that site using this addon. So helpful, my bad I had found this after I was cheated by chipkart F****** Site...

4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
Chipkart, curses from these people will follow you to your family.
So, it has been more than a week now and these cheap chipkart did not responded on my concern. It is my hard earned money. Return it you cheaters.
4 Years ago by rohiet (Neutral)

Just like pimp, she works only for money not for emotions same case with Saikat he is another pimp, who takes your money and after who cares !!! He is such a B*****d I must say, every day he is making fool one another person..

Saikat or Mr Choir, Mr Liar , Miss Pimp
By which name we should call u..
If you have balls return our hard earned money you F****r....
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
3 weeks ago, I had raised a complaint at PG portal.
Recently, site was not working for few days. 2 days ago, the site got migrated to
I am not sure if this is due to any action out of the complaint. Coz, such a domain migration is a huge loss of page / site ranking.
Whatever, I have now updated my complaint that the fraudulent site got migrated to and to follow up the complaint with the site
Chipkart, if your intention is not to return my money, please be sure that I will not be stopping here...!
4 Years ago by Alby (Agree)
Hey chipkart guys,

What is going on here.
I have ordered on dec 13 2013.
Till now I did not get any update on my product(Order).
Suddenly received mail like has server issue. temporary domain is

What do you think about us ?

Dont make us fool.. Ok..

Hey gipson,

if u r not a cheater update my order status.

Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT-00892
Order ID: #9154
Date: 13/12/2013

4 Years ago by Alby (Agree)
Hey Gipson,

I m sorry for used ur name in my Post.

Hey guys (supporters)

If u r not a cheater update the status of my order

Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT-00892
Order ID: #9154
Date: 13/12/2013
4 Years ago by Worst website on earth chipkart (Agree)
Ordered in October but still neither received product nor received refund
I am fed up of calling these fraud,chor,liar people
Can any body tell me how to take this case in consumer court
I want to teach these people a lesson who r making fool of innocent people
I wish all chipkart people vishal,rahul,mrinal,saikat fail in life
And be put behind bars who r looting the hard earned money of people
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
Arrarrarre... Chipkart... what happened to your website...?

Did they block also...? So, where have you migrated your site now or what is your next fraudulent business plan...?

I am now thinking of complaining about you guys to your payment gateway, CCAvenue and Pay U... what do you say...?

Well, I have another good news for you... I contacted CitiBank few days back and raised a dispute on the transaction with you... CitiBank made a temporary credit of the whole transacted amount to my account... They are investigating the issue and will turn the temporary credit to permanent once they realize that the complaint is true...

So, to all other folks who have lost money to these chipkart thieves, please raise a dispute on the transacted amount through your bank and check how your bank can help you to revert the stolen money back to your account...

Chipkart, did I say that I won't stop until I find my spent money back at my account...? :)
4 Years ago by Gipson (Agree)
Oh Chipkart, I can still see you on your old place, will update on my complaint...
4 Years ago by Alby (Disagree)
Hi All,

Successfully I have received my Order Item.
Initially I thought chipkart was a fraud site. Even they did like that only. I meant not wrking. given link was not saying any status of our order.

I ordered on dec 13 and received on jan 17. This is not fair.. Atlease If we get an update frequently then it wud be appreciable.
4 Years ago by Deepak Kumar (Neutral)
I also order a Bluetooth Headset Make "Belief" Order No 9572 booked and payed online on 12.02.2014. Not Shipped Till date.
Contact Number given on website is not working nor they are responding to mails.
4 Years ago by rohit (Neutral)
It will not come , and you also added in the list of people who have contributed there funds in the marriage of this bastard sister's..
4 Years ago by ggg (Agree)
thief contact police
4 Years ago by Vinyas (Neutral)
I had also booked Micromax Canvas4 in Sept 2013. At starting they told they'll be giving it by 15 days next they stopped receiving calls. Then later i asked for refund and Saikat the main culprit told it'll be refunded by 15 days and i have waited so long and not yet received a single penny. Please anybody here can help?
Can anybody tell me what to do?
4 Years ago by joseph (Agree)
Chipkart has the worst customer care service possible. They dont deliver the products on time and on top of that do not give refund also. Absolutely pathetic and severe action should be taken against them.
4 Years ago by Manohar (Disagree)
I received my product 1 week later,initially worst thought came to mind reading this but now relieved, think this might be too hard on them,,,
4 Years ago by anshum singh (Neutral)

ordered a nokia c2-01 mobile from on 10/11/2013 by making online payment of rs 3850/- after waiting for product which never delivered i asked mr saiket bardhan to refund my money after lots of fake commitments the site never refunded my money till today. never buy from chipkart or you will regret.
Invoice No.: INV-CHPKRT-00704
Order ID: #8671
Date of Order: 10/11/2013
4 Years ago by Nirmal (Agree)
4 Years ago by jose (Agree)
please shut down this chipkart website. they are cheating cutomers
3 Years ago by Ramakrishna Prakash (Agree)
It is a fake site
3 Years ago by NATIONAL JUSTICE COUNCIL (Neutral)
Hi All, I represent National Justice Council(NJC), Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Anyone who has problem in this case can approach us, since, NJC works on public interest issues. We have received huge number of complaints in this matter and would be able to take the matter legally, provided, all the victims provide written complaints.

You can write us email at or visit our office at 904, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi for further details.

The contact numbers are 011-23355466/477/499

Contact Person: Jagriti
With Regards
3 Months ago by Amer Khan (Neutral)
Club factory customer care number 7295 914 902 customer care helpline number please call helpline club factory customer care 7295 914 902
3 Months ago by Amer Khan (Disagree)
Club factory customer care helpline number 7295 914 902 customer care club factory helpline number contact English call 72959 149002 please call back club factory customer care contact number please call 7295 914 902 New Delhi Maharashtra customer care number 7295 914 902 customer care 7295 914 902 please call Customer Care club factory 7295 914 902 customer care helpline number 7295 914 902 customer care contact number club factory helpline number 7295 914 902 customer care helpline customer care number 7295 914 902 please call Customer Care number call and New Delhi Maharashtra customer care number 7295 914 902 customer care I don't
3 Months ago by Rajesh Pandey (Neutral)
Chipcart Customer Care Number
24×7 helpline number…
Toll-free 91+500205204258
Connect with us 24X7 We will be 7320080514
Any problems Any complaint call on the phone
07320080514 Customer Care Number
24×7 helpline number…
Toll-free 91+500205204258
Connect with us 24X7 We will be07320080514
Any problems Anything
3 Months ago by Rajesh Pandey (Neutral)
CHipcartCustomer Care Number
24×7 helpline number…
Toll-free 91+500205204258
Connect with us 24X7 We will be 7320080514
Any problems Any complaint call on the phone
07320080514 Customer Care Number
24×7 helpline number…
Toll-free 91+500205204258
Connect with us 24X7 We will be07320080514
Any problems Anything

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